This is a great starter program when you are new or exploring birthing career options.

 Photo by @senhoritasfotografia

Photo by @senhoritasfotografia


This Program Includes:

1 hour private call with me - this usually involve questions and answers about the documents and customizing it for your practice.


Lifetime access to my online holistic childbirth course - so you can help mommas as I have done in my practice for over 20 years. The course takes mommas from pregnancy through birth and postpartum, with the goal to achieve optimal health of mind/body/heart and spirit,  and also LOVE their experience, no matter how it unfolds. You will learn ways to empower your clients and help them find their joy, get excited, and look forward to giving birth, and be in ecstasy with their experience, rather than simply surviving it. This include My Ultimate Birth Resource Rolodex - (favorite books, movies and supplies for you to give clients to help them ROCK their birth, what ever setting they are in)

The Rock Your Birth Professional Career Program Investment: