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Do you have a question you'd like answered by a holistic homebirth midwife? We have a free monthly newsletter called Ask The Midwife where Anne and the team answer your questions! The newsletter is for both mamas and professionals. One question per month is chosen from all the submissions and Anne delves deep into the topic and answers in writing and video, including a blog and supporting information with the help of her amazing team. Some questions are featured in posts on social media

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"From my initial phone call answered by your enthusiasm to your compassionate phone calls during the colic first few weeks, I am simply so appreciative of you."

- Jill

If you have an in-depth question, one that is more personal in nature or time sensitive, please visit our Chat With Anne page to book your own personal consult with Anne. You can then speak one on one in person, via Skype or on the telephone. You will have Anne's undivided attention as she explores your questions and gives you amazing guidance and support.

For urgent matters and emergencies, contact your primary health care provider.