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Postpartum/Mommy & Me Yoga

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mum babywearing yoga.jpg

Postpartum/Mommy & Me Yoga

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Postpartum Yoga

Yoga post birth helps you to improve your physical and emotional health through this beautiful rite of passage that is motherhood. Being a new mom is a big life transition, which brings much joy but can be challenging, and you deserve much loving support.

Anne will travel up to 45 minutes from her home in Suffern, NY. If you'd like for her to travel farther, please e-mail for pricing. 

Postpartum yoga helps to restore abdominal muscle tone, perineal and vaginal muscles, and pelvic stability. Postpartum yoga helps to alleviate common upper back and neck strain often caused by slumped or misaligned postures from breastfeeding and carrying your baby.

Yoga postpartum helps you tap into your inner calm and equilibrium, bringing you emotional balance for some of the common stresses of new motherhood.

Yoga actually can recharge your batteries and give you energy, which helps with postpartum fatigue. And it can also help you sleep better when you do have the opportunity.

Postpartum yoga can incorporate your baby or can be done while baby is at your side. It is a lovely way to connect and bond, as well as give you some techniques to calm and comfort your baby when upset or fussy.

Postpartum yoga classes are available on Skype, and in-person private or small group classes in your home or my homey baby-friendly space.  They are ideal for breastfeeding moms, new moms who want to practice yoga and bring their babies, and new moms who don't want or can't get to a yoga studio class, but would love more individualized assistance, guidance and an intimate connection with a teacher not available on DVD or online classes. It is like having your own personal midwife - yoga coach!

*The best time to commence postpartum yoga classes is 3-4 weeks post vaginal birth, or if you have had a surgical birth, after clearance from your care provider. All yoga techniques are modified for postpartum to make your classes safe for you and your baby*

Consultations include access to closed Home Sweet Homebirth Support Group and Community on Facebook.

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