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Mentor/Business Consulting


Mentor/Business Consulting

from 350.00
  • Are you a midwife looking to start your own homebirth midwifery practice or improve your existing one?

  • Are you new to the home birth world and wondering how you want to practice within it?

  • Are you considering becoming a midwife but have many questions and need guidance from an experienced one?

  •  Would you like a midwifery mentor from a seasoned one, or business consulting from a homebirth midwife who has created and managed a successful practice for over 19 years?

  • Are you interested in learning how to assist homebirth midwives? 

Look no further! 

Anne Margolis, CNM, has just the opportunity you may be looking for with mentorship and business consulting to prospective, new or working birth professionals!

Anne's services will be beneficial to:

1) Homebirth midwives looking to improve skills, ask questions, review a case, improve charting, debrief on a challenging experience, or balance work with personal care and family needs to prevent burn out;

2) Midwives interested in learning how to start a new practice from scratch or better an existing one;

3) Those wanting to know how to become a midwife and find the best route to take for to suit individual life circumstances;

4) Women eager to learn how to be an assistant to homebirth midwives; or doulas needing guidance regarding a particular situation, discuss an issue or an upsetting experience, or are eager to learn the basics of what to do when laboring at home with a mama and an emergency occurs - before 911 or the homebirth midwife arrives.

Anne wants to personally mentor you specifically tailored to your needs! She has numerous downloadable pdfs, along with so much more information that will be beneficial to you, your business, your practice and the families you serve. Contact her today for a FREE consult where you and Anne can discuss your journey and your vision and how she can help you!  Anne offers three types of online consulting packages from an hour consultation, to access to multiple practice documents and a full online mentorship, to internship.

Examples of Practice Documents Included:

   Holistic History and Chart forms for Gynecology and Maternal Newborn Care

   Practice guidelines

   Midwife's assistant's job description in office, home visits, and homebirth, with flow sheet for recording events

   Welcome packet of forms for initial OB consultation with practice intro and details, sample bio of practitioners, philosophies, offerings, events, resources, contact procedures, informed consent, mutual agreement, transfer plan, financial policies

   Informed consents, waivers, releases, plan of care forms for informed decision making, privacy policies

   Billing and insurance information, sample superbly for invoicing/claims, insurance worksheet for clients, report form for biller claim submission, cover letter for unusual/transfer claims, letters of predetermination/preauthorization and medical necessity, appeals on denied coverage or inappropriate payment on claims, collections, insurance complaints and grievances, reports to state or insurance regulators

   Numerous sample letters you are requested or need to write for/related to clients (such as disability, work, massage, gym/yoga studio, dental care, travel, jury duty, CPS, consult report, pediatrician introduction and birth summary, termination of care, thank you notes for excellent service/care,  collaborative MD relationships, vaccine exemptions, practice announcements and annual visit reminders)

   Organizational business and practice forms

   Logo, letterhead, brochure, business card and stationary

   Sample CV

   Important contact info for needed consulting practitioners and local hospitals

   A variety of client handouts and resources such as GCT screen prep, newborn procedures, birth preferences form and list of all possible interventions for discussion, postpartum planning, family supply check list for homebirth and hospital birth, PPH prevention

   Midwife supply list for office, home visits and birth bag, what is available to rent or purchase

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