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Refresher Childbirth Education Classes

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Refresher Childbirth Education Classes

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These holistic childbirth education classes are for parents who have already experienced pregnancy and childbirth and simply want a refresher, or want to learn more effective coping skills this time around.

The course includes two, two-hour sessions via Skype or our in-home office for you and your support person, to help prepare you for a healthy, empowered, deeply positive childbirth experience.

The classes are a recapped version of the following lessons, unique  to your needs:

Preparing the mindset during pregnancy for childbirth.
Learning effective breath work, basic meditation, visualization and mindfulness techniques to practice regularly so you can more easily tap into them in labor.
Helping you to create your own list of childbirth preferences, including the pros and cons of interventions at all stages of childbirth, and dealing with interventions when needed.
Learning effective coping techniques for all stages, and how your partner can help, and supplies to have at birth setting.
Reviewing emergency childbirth (moms who have delivered vaginally before can have faster labors!).
Postpartum - planning and support for optimal healing.
Newborn care and breastfeeding.

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Classes include access to closed Home Sweet Homebirth Support Group and Community on Facebook.

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