I love helping mamas have the best journey to birth possible. And I love helping people heal their wounds and suffering, and reclaim their joy - rebirth themselves. I have recently published my first two books on Amazon and they both are #1 International Bestsellers! They will be released in print with new outstanding covers...coming soon, along with a third book to complement Natural Birth Secrets!!! Stay tuned....


A Doctor and Midwife Recommended, Guide For Pregnancy To Postpartum Bliss Whether Birthing At Home, Hospital or Birth Center- even if this is not your first baby! 

This is a unique approach on how to have a deeply positive, empowered, and joyful journey through pregnancy, birth, and becoming a mom postpartum. 

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If you’ve experienced intense stress, emotional pain or any type of trauma, this program is a must - it represents true hope that saved my life and the lives of countless others. Once you know the key that unlocks the emotional pain, suffering, your ongoing personal life, work and relationship issues, and ongoing stress related physical symptoms and illness, and how to unlock it all, you experience such a powerful healing. 

To learn more about it, click on the book. 


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