Clarity Breathwork is the most empowering, transformative experience I’ve ever been through in my entire life.

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

In dealing with my personal experiences of childhood and teenage abuse, severe stress, emotional pain, physical pain, tragedy, and birth trauma, unconsciously over the years it became habitual to repress and bury my experiences and feelings. It finally started to catch up with me. I felt something was very wrong. I tried various types of therapy and so many different holistic modalities to heal like herbs, supplements, osteopathy, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, and more. Although these things were helpful, none worked permanently or completely.

I knew I was carrying around this awful emotional stuff in my body; but I didn’t have access to it and I wanted it out. Talk therapy never helped me; it made me feel worse. I found Clarity Breathwork by 'accident' - I overheard someone talking about the profound healing experience she had with it during a yoga retreat. I made an appointment that changed my life. My sessions of breathwork led to the complete relief and healing I'd been searching for. I found gold and I had to share it. I took extensive training to become a practitioner myself, so that I could help guide others through it. I attended and assisted at many group retreats, workshops and certifications; this enabled me to develop skills at facilitation of group as well as private sessions, using a variety of complimentary healing modalities. 

If you’ve experienced intense stress, emotional pain or any type of trauma, this modality is a must - it represents true hope. Clarity Breathwork releases the trapped trauma energy and psychic pain that is stored in your body without talking or thinking about it.

This form of Breathwork is such a powerful healing tool to compliment my practice as a certified nurse midwife. I guide women to birth their babies into the world and themselves as mamas. I also guide women to birth themselves as healthy and whole human beings capable of immense joy and inner peace. 

Is This You...

  • You have physical or emotional symptoms that modern medicine and other modalities cannot diagnose or heal
  • You feel stuck in your life, or have emotional blocks, habitual thoughts or behaviors that are limiting you

You want…

  • Increased energy and vitality (to feel like yourself again- or even better!)
  • Healthy, holistic and natural ways to reduce stress in a way that lasts
  • More ease, flow and joy in your life and relationships

This incredible Breathwork shakes up and releases trapped trauma and pain. Over a series of sessions I will guide you to remove what feels like immovable blocks that stand in your way to living the life you want. I will teach you how to release and heal from inner stress, current or repressed emotional pain, and trauma. It can seem impossible to recover from traumatic or emotional events - all of which cause so much suffering, dis-ease and illness, as well as harm lives, and relationships. But it can be done - this is the most powerful method I have experienced to assist with physical and emotional healing.

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If you ever have a chance to work with Anne Margolis, be sure and take it! Anne has such a gift for holding a compassionate and healing space. After so many years of being a mid-wife Anne knows how to support deep opening into vulnerable places and really honors the bodies wisdom and timing. She inspires great trust and brings lightness to the work. I felt so safe and unconditionally loved during my session and because of that I was able to really let go. Thank you Anne.
— Bridget L.


What is Clarity Breathwork?

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

According to International Breathwork Foundation "breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced well-being and personal transformation. Breathing, beyond the basic need for survival, acts as a bridge between spirit, mind, and body; between the conscious and the subconscious. “Conscious Breathing” is one of the quickest ways to open the heart and energize the body. When used in specific ways, breathing allows us to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible through the more conventional talking therapies."  Clarity Breathwork, previously known as Rebirthing, is a safe, easily accessible and all natural, but powerfully effective process of healing, growth and transformation that is not usually achieved with traditional therapy and modalities that only involve the logical mind. CB enables you to tap into your body's tremendous capacity to rebalance and heal. It increases oxygen and energy flow in the body, helps gently release toxins, negative thoughts, inner tension and stress, suppressed wounds, painful emotions and trauma stored as trapped energy within your body.  This work can also bring awareness to habitual dysfunctional subconscious beliefs, repetitive patterns and conditioning, as well as remove blocks and a sense of feeling stuck, that limit you from living the life you want. It leads to greater clarity, a deeper sense of knowing and profound insights into your core life's issues. This breathwork allows for spontaneous completion and resolution,  invites you to develop the courage to cultivate acceptance, understanding, reconciliation and even gratitude for past hurts. It enhances love, compassion, and forgiveness of yourself and others, and inspires you to take responsibility for your life, embrace what is, and let go of trying to control what cannot be controlled. What is amazing is how it can bring consciousness to your subconscious - which dictates much of your bodily functions, emotional responses and behavior. CB can even connect you to the spiritual realm within and around you, to reveal the true magnificence of who you are and heal a mistaken sense of separation from these essential components of life. The process creates an incredible feeling of relief, aliveness, enhanced well-being, and joy. Wonderful inner change creates outer changes in your well-being, your life, your direction and sense of purpose, and your relationships.

What is a Clarity Breathwork session like?

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

Every private appointment is about 2 hours. Each session combines a deep exploration of your past and current life situations, areas of difficulty and hardships - questions will include what you know about your birth, your childhood and teen-age years, family patterns and issues that impact you, important relationship issues, and how they may be impacting your life. This is followed by a personally guided and supported bodily experience, initiated by conscious, full, circular and continuous breathing for approximately an hour -  often with an intention or focus on what you want to change, release or heal from, and encouragement to stay present and allow for sensations to occur. The inhalation is full and enthusiastic into the upper chest and heart space, while the exhalation is automatic, relaxed and releasing, not controlled. Music and gentle supportive touch may be used to enhance your healing. An hour of breathing in this way is followed by a period of sharing, and reflection, helpful suggestions. Suggestions can include a take home practice which is intended to enhance the process of self discovery and healing, and support you in integrating back into your daily life.

As a midwife I help people birth; I have an understanding of how exquisitely sensitive fetuses, newborns, babies and children are, and how their experience of their world can impact their adult lives. I trust the wisdom of the birthing process and the body's incredible capacity to heal. I am also skilled at supporting people at the most vulnerable, intense, transformative times of their lives, and empowering people to climb mountains that feel too big to climb. I witness miracles daily. As a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, I help people rebirth themselves. I am a professionally trained Clarity Breathwork facilitator who guides your breathing and experience to enable your own transformational healing process to occur, within a safe, supported, loving, non - judgemental space.  I am trained to support you through processing the various thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations you may encounter during the session. We will work together to help you recognize and connect complicated issues and patterns in your life to their earliest roots, your subconscious and your sympathetic nervous system's reactions to trauma. My knowledge and skills as a yoga practitioner and teacher will enable me to enhance your session. I embrace a holistic deep perspective of human beings, in which I see the mind, body, heart and spirit as intricately connected, and I respect the power of energy within you and the need for it to flow freely for your health and well-being. Simple relaxation and mindfulness techniques and gentle hands on assistance will be used to support your journey. 

How to start?

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

A minimum of a series of 10 private sessions is recommended. Sessions are usually weekly or every other week. Sessions can be further apart if needed, but frequent and regular sessions are ideal. The purpose of committing to a series of 10 sessions is to build a relationship of trust and to delve deeply into the process long enough to experience the most beneficial, richest results. It is possible to try one session before committing to 10, but know the commitment to yourself and the series of regular sessions brings results that are the most long term and life transforming.  The sessions can take place in my yoga and breathwork studio in Nyack NY; but powerful sessions can be done in water supported on your back, or face down, using nose plugs and a snorkel in a tub, in the calm waters of nature, or in a beautiful soothing place outdoors where you can feel private, safe, and uninhibited.

What is the History of Clarity Breathwork?

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

Art by Catie Atkinson @Spiritysol

Breath and different types of breathing have been used around the globe in many cultures for thousands of years, to access higher states of consciousness for transformation and healing. For example, in the East, many different yogic breathing techniques such as Pranayama emphasized the importance of conscious breathing to achieve a variety of desired results for optimal well-being along journey to enlightenment.  

Clarity Breathwork evolved out of ancient practices, as well as Rebirthing, founded by Leonard Orr in the 1970’s and taught worldwide by both Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.  In 1999, the founders of Clarity Breathwork decided to differentiate their work from Rebirthing, and call it Clarity Breathwork. They did this for several reasons. They found the term “Rebirthing” limiting in its implication that the purpose of this work was solely to address re-experiencing and healing birth trauma. Although they acknowledge all aspects of birth, which includes womb time, conception and delivery to be very powerful, they also wanted the name of their work to encompass the much wider range of issues that can emerge through practicing conscious, connected breathing. These may stem from later wounds and trauma, childhood, teen-aged years, schooling and education, livelihood and money, family, sexuality, relationships, religion, societal conditioning, emotional energy and behavior patterns passed down from family and its ancestry, death and dying, and so on. They also wanted to embrace and meet the impermanent nature of physical reality, as well as the eternal reality of spirit. Their focus is more on learning to be more fully alive and present in our current lives moment by moment. Facilitating Clarity Breathwork, like midwifery, includes both art and science, as well as wisdom from experience and training in other complimentary healing modalities from the East and the West. 

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— Claire C.

What is the Cost?

$250 per private 2 hour session. Buy a package of 10 sessions and save 10%. Buy a package of five and save 5%.

If you are interested in scheduling a private session, please fill out form and click picture below to schedule. 

Small group Clarity Breathwork workshops and retreats are another wonderful way to experience this awesome healing modality. While they do not replace the private sessions, there is an awesome power and incredibly positive energy in a group, and you can feel many of its tremendous benefits.  

Activities are included to build connection and enhance the experience, and can include dancing to move emotions and yoga. The groups do not include the initial one-on-one discussion, and you do not get the same individualized, undivided attention and counseling as you would during a private session, but you do get some support during the breathwork experience.

$50  per 2 hour group session (minimum of 5 people required). If interested in scheduling group session, fill out form below for inquiry of dates and availability.