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Home Sweet Homebirth Team

Anne Margolis, CNM, LM, NP, MSN, BSN, RNC

Anne Margolis discovered her passion for holistic care for women after working as an obstetric nurse and having two hospital births herself where she narrowly escaped cesarean sections due to the cascade of interventions. 

Her third and fourth children were born into the loving hands of a midwife, and this, combined with her experiences working in a hospital, convinced her that all women deserve to have educated, peaceful, deeply positive, rewarding and empowering births.

She has worked tirelessly as a home birth midwife for more than 21 years, having full confidence in the healthy woman’s innate ability to give birth normally, naturally and with pleasure despite the challenges. She is devoted to protecting undisturbed physiological labor and birth, and is dedicated to providing a sensitive, personal, and humanistic environment.

Anne’s maternity care for women begins even before conception, and includes pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, gentle parenting of the newborn and breastfeeding.

Her holistic care extends to gynecological services for women from adolescence straight through to menopause.

Recognizing the great need around the globe for access to education and resources for normal, natural and joyful childbearing, Anne is expanding her integrative services to the online world. She is channeling her passion and expertise to provide online consultations and classes, to meet the needs of many mamas thirsty for more information.

Anne launched the Home Sweet Homebirth Instagram and Facebook pages as an outlet for her passion to use social media to inspire, support, educate, and empower childbearing mamas, and connect with likeminded women throughout the world. The community expanded rapidly and continues to grow exponentially.

She loves the virtual community she has built so far, engaging with, helping, and learning from people all across the globe.

She hopes to foster opportunities for likeminded mamas to create actual connections and form communities.  She plans to host supportive pregnancy and postpartum circles and retreats.

Anne is also an aspiring yogi and yoga teacher; and uses the effective tools of yoga, mediation, breathwork, mindfulness  and visualization to help mamas along their journeys. See more information about the yoga classes she offers here.  As a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, I help people rebirth themselves - to remove blocks that stand in their way to living a life they want, to heal from inner stress, emotional pain and trauma, which cause so much suffering and illness and hurt well-being, lives, and relationships.

In addition to midwifery, Clarity Breathwork and yoga, Anne loves to dance, travel, and appreciates creativity in its many forms, as well as delicious whole foods including dessert. She revels in the stunning beauty of nature, lives a life of color, and balances her meditative side with love of play and laughter. Above all, she is drawn to kindness and positive vibes, spreads her enthusiasm to others by living life to the fullest, and adores her tribe.


  • Bachelors in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Degree in Nurse-Midwifery from the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing
  • Masters in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University.
  • Licensed midwife in New York and New Jersey
  • Licensed OB/GYN nurse practitioner in New York
  • Certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board
  • Prenatal, Postpartum and Restorative yoga teacher training from Yoga Garden of San Fransisco - Yoga Alliance Certified 
  • Yoga teacher training from Nosara Yoga Institute and Yoga Garden of San Francisco (Yoga Alliance certified programs)
  • Yoga continuing education includes Teaching Beginners, Asanatomy: Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology, and Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga Poses with Noah Maze; Spirit Speak: Finding Your Unique Voice as A Teacher with Seane Corn; Restorative Yoga and Advanced Asana Practice 
  • Completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One and Two Training with Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Mastery Graduate of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, in Creation Course
  • Clarity Breathwork Practitioner - Completed Levels One Through Four

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Lindsay Rose, Certified Labor Doula, Marketing Director

Lindsay Rose is a certified labor doula with CAPPA Networks, and a full time marketing director working with technology start-ups in Silicone Valley. Through her career, she has fallen in love with the art of storytelling on every media platform. Her business background is in strategic marketing and communications.

She shares a dual love with marketing and the beautiful miracle of life. Her desire is to be a go-to-marketing resource for childbirth professionals everywhere! As a doula, she believes all women can benefit from the support of a doula and provides education to expectant families so that they can make informed decisions regarding pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Lindsay lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco where she enjoys homeschooling, gardening, cooking, reading, and going to the beach. She's honored to support mommas through their birth journey as they begin to raise their Healthy Little Ones!

Connect with her on Instagram @healthylittle 

Stephanie Carroll, BS, IBCLC, CLC, CLS, Administrative, Social Media and Website Manager

Stephanie is our behind-the-scenes person, which includes putting together, maintaining and updating the website, online course, webinars, the newsletters, blogs, Ebooks, upcoming programs and social media marketing posts for Home Sweet Homebirth. She assists with many administrative tasks behind the scenes, and also directly helps you on the phone or email.

She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She works part-time as the Breastfeeding Coordinator for her local WIC office and is also a trained birth assistant.

In addition to her care for mothers and babies, she holds a degree in Communications and Leadership. She graduated from the University of Rio Grande in 2010 and Union Institute and University in 2015.

In 2011, Stephanie ventured into social media platforms for breastfeeding promotion and support,creating the first ever page for a WIC agency across the United States. Today, her page reaches over a million people at any given moment.

In 2013, She became the Web Editor for Ohio Lactation Consultant Association, where her love for web design began to crossover into the lactation world. 

She is excited to work for Home Sweet Homebirth, where she can again mix all of her passions together to provide what she can to new moms and babies. 

Stephanie lives in Gallipolis, Ohio with her two little girls.

If you have any technological difficulties, want help with something not downloading, possible refunds, or any other "behind the scenes" question, feel free to contact Stephanie at


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