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What People Are Saying About My Work...

“I want to thank you for your online course. Because of it I was able to do a home waterbirth in Nicaragua where it is not common at all. I live abroad so it was my dream to have a natural birth in my home. Little did I know there are no doulas or certified midwives in the country. Your course helped me through it! My father-in-law who is an OBGYN in Brazil caught the baby and also has never done a home or natural birth. He only does cesarean. What a special moment for the family! Thank you again for the knowledge I was able to achieve online!!! Here’s a video of our special day :)”
— Brittany S, Nicaragua
“My homebirth was the beginning of the journey that led me to my dharma. It was an experience of transcendental ecstasy. Anne Margolis was my incredible midwife. She is practical, science-based, and vastly experienced, but most importantly, she’s an awakened woman here to light the path to your most joyful self. Anne is the incredible midwife who taught me, through this process, how to midwife my own patients’ rebirth experience.
Her own educational course is a deep but manageable dive into her accumulated wisdom, packaged for your journey. Forget your childbirth class, and take steps to your most empowering experience. If you are thinking about conception, pregnant, or love someone who is, take it from me that her wisdom is life-changing.Yours in the truth.”
— Dr. Kelly Brogan MD
I signed up for Anne’s “Love Your Birth” class online, and it’s been a hugely important part of my pregnancy, and I dearly wanted to share about this and Anne’s view on pregnancy in our country at this time. If you or someone you love is having a baby, LOVE YOUR BIRTH is a fantastic program to participate in.
— Dr. Christine Schaffner, Naturopathic Physician
This course not only prepared me for childbirth, but also for motherhood and beyond. It was so much more than how to approach labor and delivery and really tapped into the mind, heart, spirit and body for the full journey. It helped me discuss things with my partner that I did not even know needed to be discussed. I feel like a true team now that we’ve taken the course and discussed the workbook. I was so afraid we may not be on the same page and this course kept us on track! The information I’ve received is priceless. Thank you.
— Lindsay R.
I SO appreciate Anne’s course, knowledge and support. I wasn’t happy with the options for prenatal classes available to me and I was thrilled to find her site. Thank you Anne for creating this online course! This was my first pregnancy and it was a big part of educating and empowering me through my pregnancy and home birth. Highly recommended! ♥️
— @terrikretai
Anne!! She’s a wonderful teacher, no prejudice, calm and thinks of everything. The videos are easy to digest and full of brilliant, empowering information. As a full time mom, I feel that I can take on the world. I CAN DO THIS! I just feel empowered now.
— Chloe JM
“I wanted to Thank You for making my homebirth a possibility. It almost seemed like it wasn’t going to happen, with all of our obstacles, but I am so happy it did. You are absolutely amazing and so inspiring! Thank you for all your dedication and support in honoring women’s holistic health choices. From answering my questions, my mom’s questions, my husband’s questions – to labor and birth prep – your support, encouragement, telling me to follow and listen to my body, not telling me to push, suggesting the warm compress, and all of the herbal and nutritional support and information were invaluable. Thank you! I’ve had a wonderful postpartum period and I’m sure one of the biggest reasons is the care I received from you. I really cannot thank you enough! I hope I can express the gratitude I have for you and your practice.”
— Lots of love, Angeline
“Michael and I want to sincerely thank you for being the best midwife I had hoped for. You immediately made us feel comfortable and confident in our choice to have a homebirth. I also feel fortunate from the successful outcome of my birth experience. Close friends of mine who had very similar circumstances during labor ALL went to surgery. That shows me the confidence you have in our bodies and your amazing skills to help people birth naturally. For that I am truly grateful. I am so happy with my choices and that you were there to guide me through it all.”
— Much love & hugs, Lisa and Michael
“You are an absolutely amazing midwife. My experience with you is unforgettable. During pregnancy, I enjoyed getting care, valuable information about my child’s development and emotional support. You brings a lot of positive energy in to the world! Thank you!! There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you.”
— Marina
I can’t tell you how amazing it was to see you yesterday. You bring such a warm comfortable joy and energy with you it’s really hard to put into words. I couldn’t be any happier that you are with us on this journey!!
I really cannot express how grateful I am for you, Anne. Thank you for being an inspiration and for encouraging/validating me throughout my pregnancy and labor, and especially offering to travel here so I could have a most amazing home birth. I have so much respect, admiration for love for you—talk to you soon!
I want everyone to know how great you are.
— Andrew and Lori M
My experience with you Anne was amazing from start to finish. The appointments during pregnancy were beyond thorough, and any questions I had between appointments were answered by you directly and promptly. The level of care I received is incomparable to any other physician that I ‘ve met. I just wanted to thank you for helping me bring our beautiful daughter into this world, the best way we knew how. Anne, you changed our lives in so many ways…including getting my very skeptical mother on board for this very special journey.

After just 4 hours of labor, we gave birth to our beautiful baby girl in the comfort of our own home. It was truly a beautiful experience and a moment that we will always cherish. We can’t thank you enough for guiding us through this journey. You are truly an amazing person. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone I care about and would absolutely choose to journey to birth with you again.
— Love, Leah and Chris
Eight months ago we met and I was a little worried but determined to have a homebirth. Eventually, our dream came true, and our sweet baby came into the world peacefully and lovingly at home.

Some people tell me we were fortunate, but I know we were fortunate because we were also very well prepared, from spending priceless hours with you during pregnancy. For us, those hours were designed and allowed the beautiful event of birth to become what it was. Now its time to thank you Anne for all the amazing work you did with us preparing us for the most important event in our life so far.

You were so patient with us discussing again and again possible complications that concerned us, explaining interventions and ways to overcome these possibilities.

You were so thorough and serious about the health and wellbeing of me and my baby, offering vast knowledge and experience not only with the “medical” aspect of things, but also with nutrition, supplements, and offering reading material on every possible issue that came along.

Most of all you educated us to become people who can choose out of knowledge. I don’t know where else we could get this information, encouragement and stability along the process. The more I try to get into the details with what you have provided us, the more I understand I will not be able to do that, because it was so much.

I will not say it was impossible to do a home birth without you, but I will say that what we received was above and beyond any expectation we have ever had, and that you were an inseparable part of the wonderful results!

We haven’t mentioned your extraordinary personality, a combination of beauty, kindness, warmth, empathy as well as sharpness, intelligence and strength. You are a real gift to this world and we are very fortunate to find you and have your guidance and support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please save a spot for next time!

— Love you very much, Michal

Many thanks for helping me out at a very stressful time in my life. I had been dealing with lots of negative self talk, anxiety, worry, fear, and overall stress. After experiencing the rebirthing breathwork, my body let go of a lot of tension and stress that it was holding onto that I was not even aware of. I immediately felt more relaxed, more calm, more at peace. I think this is a very powerful practice and absolutely loved doing the sessions with you. I can see how as daily stressors happen, this breathwork practice is one you could keep up with to basically wipe the slate clean and relax your body and mind. Thank you Anne, you are amazing!
— Mark K.
If you ever have a chance to work with Anne Margolis, be sure and take it! Anne has such a gift for holding a compassionate and healing space. After so many years of being a mid-wife Anne knows how to support deep opening into vulnerable places and really honors the bodies wisdom and timing. She inspires great trust and brings lightness to the work. I felt so safe and unconditionally loved during my session and because of that I was able to really let go. Thank you Anne.
— Bridget L.
It has been a pleasure to work with Anne. Her womanly wise and infectious personality made me feel held and safe throughout the whole breathing process and in her presence I was able to really drop in and go deep. Her countless years of experience as a midwife shine through her presence, intuition and no nonsense approach as a breath worker.
— Sophie W.
I had the opportunity to be facilitated in my Breathwork sessions with Anne. And I’m so grateful for this opportunity. First I feel safe from her presence. I love the energy she brings into the space from the very beginning. I like the fact that she’s a midwife and familiar with home birth, and a Yogini herself, so that’s brought her in some sensitivity around vulnerable issues and situations within the areas of Breathwork. I can feel that she has done a lot of work on herself which gave her a lot of experience of dealings with different issues that may come up. She’s very nurturing and caring and I feel safe on her hands when she’s facilitating me. I really feel that I can fully let go because I knew that I am and feel held safe around her. I fully trusted her with the most vulnerable secret in my life, because she just radiates that trusting feeling and persona. Authenticity is very important for me because I do believe in the saying that...’we can only give what we have’. It means for me that if we haven’t experienced any pain in our life, we won’t be capable to take people into the depth of their pain, and I feel that Anne is always coming from her authenticity, and with that..I trusted her. Trust with with your facilitator is so important so I can fully let go and enjoy the process, and go on a healing journey where I can experience true healing and transformation.
I can fully recommend her to facilitate a Breathwork sessions - private or group, because I knew that she will do a great job and that she will be able to take her people into a beautiful deeper journey of healing.
— Ambikha D.
Anne has a warmth and earthiness to her that puts you at ease. She was really supportive and nurturing during my Breathwork sessions and assisted me to go deeper in my process. Anne asked thoughtful questions that led me to greater clarity and release old programs. She is gentle and made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the sessions. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to heal and release stress or limiting beliefs from their life. Anne is a wonderful Breathworker and cares deeply about the people she serves. I would love to do Breathwork with her again!
— Asta Kay, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner
Our amazing graduate & practitioner Anne Margolis, is sharing the Breath in New York! With her decades long background as a midwife, she is totally rockin’ it with Clarity Breathwork, sending ripples of transformation and healing out far and wide. Thank you Anne!
— Ashanna Solaris, cofounder of Clarity Breathwork
Your workshop was incredibly powerful. I have attended breath-work events over the years and done some practices sporadically and never experienced what happened that night. However, I was very intrigued. I am interested in learning more and practicing more. Something about you truly resonated with me. I know without a doubt that we all show up however we do and that creates our experience. The space holder plays a beautiful and meaningful role in creating that safe and sacred space (which you Anne, and your team did beautifully). I’m a stickler for solid facilitation. It matters. I desire a private session. During my experience I came away with a clear thought that I needed this as a personal practice and need to offer it.
— Bernadette Pleasant, Creator of Femme!
I can’t believe it has been already one week when we started the amazing, Revive Retreat weekend at the Lifebridge Santuary!
Anne Margolis and Asta Amanda did and incredible job organizing, preparing the best location, with healthy delicious food, comfy accommodations, getting the right support with the Reiki sessions from Kirsten Staffaroni, and the African Drums from Jalal. All the right people that attended were the perfect people to meet. New brothers and sisters united by one heart beat! Anne’s energy delivering the yoga classes and specially Femme , with Asta’s gentleness and loving care alongside Anne’s transformational expertise delivering Clarity Breathwork. You two ladies are an amazing team. Everything went so smoothly and perfectly synchronized with everyone’s needs to heal and connect. Thank you! Thanks you! from the bottom of my heart for putting all the energy, wisdom, experience and love into this Revive Retreat!!
#LiveFemme #ClarityBreathwork #Reiki #Yoga #Sisterhood #brotherhood#healing #lovingcare
— Gladys C.
I learned so much about myself, my wife, and my marriage. It’s very hard for me to relax because of stress and some health issues but I got some of the best sleep I’ve had so far this year! The breath work was blissful and so relaxing. I felt very emotional and felt some of the heaviness come off my back and neck through the experience. You are so kind and inspire me with your passion for what you do. What a great group of people we had! I am thankful to have left with a taste of inner joy and new tools to access it regularly. I feel much more hopeful and motivated to sort through my trauma and physical health. Thank you sincerely!
— Jeremy B.
Anne’s breathwork retreat was something that I never would have imagined. When I experienced my first breathwork session, I felt skeptical and a bit uncomfortable at first. But within about 7 minutes of doing the breathwork, I felt tingling sensation throughout my whole body. I felt emotions that have been repressed for many years. These emotions ranged from fear and sadness to peace and joy. The whole hour of breathing only felt like 15 minutes to me. Upon awakening, I felt a sense of peace that I don’t think I have ever felt before. My mind had no racing thoughts and for once things were clear. Anne was one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Her positivity, enthusiasm, and energy were qualities I’ve never experienced in a person. Just being near her energized me and brought about a sense of trust. I absolutely loved the Femme dance as well. I strongly recommend Anne’s work to anyone who is struggling to live their lives.
— Valerie R
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for this experience. I was astounded at how much emotional baggage I was able to release over one weekend! Anne is a powerhouse and a firecracker and I very much enjoyed her style of yoga instruction. She brought so much energy to the femme classes that you couldn’t help but try to emulate the gusto she encompasses. This was a place to step out of your comfort zone and her presence made that easier. Everything I learned I can use in the comfort of my own home and I really appreciate these new found tools for my personal healing journey.
— Nicole M
Congrats to Anne Margolis on such a powerful event last night at The Assemblage in NYC! She facilitated a beautiful, joyful and loving Clarity Breathwork workshop with amazing results for many that had no expectations and were blown away by what they were able to feel and release. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to assist the event along with Cat, Asta, David, and John! ...We have started a movement in NYC!!! The sky is the limit!!
— Gladys Caro, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner
Dearest Anne,
It was AMAZING. Such a powerful night.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Ash. Ashley Autumn, Senior Production Manager, THE ASSEMBLAGE