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Holistic Childbirth Classes

What do you want from birth?

At Home Sweet Homebirth you are offered original and unique Holistic Childbirth Classes for a healthy, empowered, deeply positive journey to birth and motherhood.

We invite you to have your personal holistic guide on your journey to the birth of your sweet baby. There are options for every family with shorter refresher series available for subsequent pregnancies. The full extensive series includes relaxation, breathwork, mindfulness and coping techniques, as well as postpartum, newborn, and breastfeeding education.

Each course is tailored to your specific needs. You will graduate from your childbirth classes feeling informed, relaxed and fully prepared for your journey to birth your baby. Learning strategies that you can implement in your every day life you will feel emotionally and mentally prepared to give birth.

The classes offere by Home Sweet Homebirth prepare you in a way that hospital classes do not. In your hospital classes you will learn about hospital policy and possibly some anatomy of birth. The difference with what we offer is that every one of your needs and worries will be taken into consideration. Your hopes, dreams, fears and worries will all be addressed in order to empower you to birth your baby feeling strong and capable.


Full In Person Childbirth Class

This course is best designed for first time parents, or those who are not happy with their previous birth experience who would like to learn holistic techniques for a positive birth.

Eight x 2 hour sessions


Refresher In Person Childbirth Class

The shorter childbirth series is best for subsequent parents who are wanting to refresh their knowledge of natural and holistic birthing education.

Two x 2 hour sessions


Anne also offers group childbirth classes, please CONTACT us to organize your group booking.

Navigate to our online services page if you are after ONLINE CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION

Course Content:

1) Optimal Health and preparation in Pregnancy

2) Preparing the mindset during Pregnancy

3) Breathwork, basic meditation, visualization and mindfulness practice

4) Benefits of regular prenatal, postpartum and beyond yoga practice

5) Prenatal testing and procedures (pros and cons, whats optional and recommended)

6) Warning signs to report to provider

7) Prevention of common complications/problems

8) Birth planning/preferences

9) The pros and cons of interventions at all stages of childbirth, dealing with interventions when needed

10) Helpful supplies to have at birth setting

11) Anatomy and Physiology

12) Stages of Labor and when to call provider

13) Effective coping techniques for all stages

14)  How partner can help

15) Emergency Childbirth

16) Postpartum - planning and support for optimal healing

17) Newborn Care and Breastfeeding

"My first reaction is to share that I can’t wait to get pregnant again and have your energy and passion guard my birth.

Professionally I have to write how invigorating, energizing and enriching I found your conversation and vocation. Know from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciative and grateful to connect with you."

- Jill