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Do It Yourself: ROCK YOUR BIRTH!

No matter where you live, no matter how you will give birth, you can truly ROCK IT!

This is perfect if you’d like to pick my brain to discuss how you can have a deeply positive, empowering healthy birth experience that you love, despite any challenges along the way. Come to the call with a list of your questions from the online course and your pregnancy and now that I have an introduction into your birth, I will be able to go deeper to help with providing answers personalized and tailored to your needs.

This Program Includes:

  • 1 hour private call with me
  • My Ultimate Birth Resource Rolodex
  • Lifetime access to my online holistic childbirth course “Love Your Birth,” so you can give birth laughing, dancing and from a place of ecstasy!

In the Love Your Birth Online Course You Will Learn:

  • The step by step system to TRUST YOUR BODY (birth was moved into hospitals in the 1920’s - your body WORKS) learn how to get your mind out of the way to allow your instinctual process to lead you.

  • The pros & cons of all testing and procedures, get a list of over 50 preferences for your birth plan!

  • How to feed your body with the best supplements, herbal products, probiotics, and prenatal whole vitamins before, during and after your pregnancy

  • Get the complete list of medical interventions in advance so you can be sure to have an advocate in your birth choices- (these are normally automatically decided for you- but you have options!)

  • How to understand the stages of labor and how your body and emotions change in each stage so you can be prepared and prepare everyone in the room for what is normal but unexpected.

  • How to create a fortress of protection around yourself to keep the enemy of labor out (Fear & Stress!), so you can remain in a calm, centered, relaxed place on demand.

  • Psychological techniques for training your body to naturally ease into your contractions

  • Natural Labor coping techniques for each phase of your labor process so that you are able to stay present, centered and calm surrendering throughout the birth

  • The tests and medical procedures that are automatically done to babies resulting in a high rate of requiring immediate antibiotics (you have options to manage unnecessary baby procedures!)  

Consults take place on Skype, or phone (for those in US only).  This does not replace care from your primary provider.

Get Instant Access To The Do It Yourself, ROCK YOUR BIRTH! Program:

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This does not replace care from your primary provider.






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