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Emotional Well-Being Assessment

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1. Do you have little pleasure or interest in doing things that you used to enjoy?
2. Do you feel down, depressed, or hopeless?
3. Do you have trouble concentrating?
4. Do you feel unhappy about where you are in life, personally/professionally? Do you feel like a failure or that you have let yourself/family/friends/others down?
5. Do you feel nervous, anxious, on edge, or do you worry a lot?
6. Do you experience twitching, trembling, shortness of breath, palpitations, tingling, numbness or shaky feelings but were told that "there is nothing physically wrong" by your doctor?
7. Are you restless, and do you have trouble relaxing?
8. Are you afraid of what awaits you in the future?
9. Are you aware of past stresses or trauma that you've experienced that are affecting your life currently, but are unsure how to heal?
10. Do you feel stuck, have emotional blocks or habitual thoughts or behaviours from your past that are limiting you?
11. Are you suppressing uncomfortable feelings and emotional pain- but know they are impacting your well-being?
12. Are you aware of hypersensitivity, reactivity and triggers but don't understand what they are and why you feel them?