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Retreats & Events

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Clarity Breathwork invites you to access your own inner healing and wisdom. It empowers the body to heal and reset back to optimum health. It enables you to safely feel all emotions fully, then permanently liberate old wounds, past traumas, emotional pain, and inner stress trapped in your body. It leaves you with an incredible sense of long-lasting well-being. It is experiential and provocative workshop of profound healing, deep connection, great fun and celebration. The Clarity Breathwork workshop will be opportunity to share, femme! style dance and experience guided meditation and breathwork. Come learn how to embody and express yourself without words, a mirror or judgement, process and move emotion, create joy, enhance your vitality, let your playful self free, and turn on vibrantly using natural, intuitive freestyle movement and evocative music that touches the soul. Retreats go deeper, include yoga, Femme! and so much more.

Upcoming Group Introduction to 'Clarity Breathwork and the Healing Power of Breath' workshops and Retreat that include Femme! style dance:

The Woom Center Saturday evening June 23rd, 7:30p - 10:30p; register on their site here.


The Wholeness Center Thursday evening July 26, 6:30p - 9:30p; register on their site. This will be followed by a five weekly 2 hour Clarity Breathwork series.


REVIVE - A Weekend Retreat and Journey From Healing to Joy at Life Bridge Sanctuary August 17th - 19th; to register for this, go here.


Quest Yoga Arts Studio Sunday afternoon September 16, 2p - 5p; register on their site here.