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Likelihood of Having a Healthy, Positive, Natural Birth Experience Assessment Form Assessment

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Likelihood of Having a Healthy, Positive, Natural Birth Experience Assessment Form *

If you have a healthy pregnancy, take this short assessment form, regarding your likelihood of having a healthy, positive natural birth experience.  Be real honest with yourself and Get Your Personalized Results Below.

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Assessment *
1. I am expecting my first baby or have had previous cesarean birth(s).
2. I do not have or plan to have a doula or doula like support during my birth.
3. I have not taken or plan to take any childbirth education course, OR I am just taking or took a childbirth class given by the hospital.
4 - My partner, family and/or other support people do not understand why I want to have a natural birth, make me feel tense or afraid, and undermine my confidence - they think I will give in when I am in the heat of labor and do whatever is recommended.
5 - I am really terrified of childbirth and/or something going wrong, I heard such horrible or upsetting birth stories from others, and almost everyone I know had medications, epidurals, cesareans and/or their baby was in intensive care.
6 - I do not think I can handle the pain of labor and birth.
7 - I do not think I am strong enough or capable of giving birth vaginally, let alone naturally.
8 - I am seeing an obstetrician or OB/midwife group practice for my pregnancy and birth, that my friends recommended - but most had inductions, epidurals or cesarean births, some had babies in intensive care, most did not breastfeed.
9 - I plan to give birth at a hospital not supportive of natural birth, with high rates of induction/labor augmentation and epidurals (majority), cesarean (>25%), as well as high rates of intensive care nursery admissions, poor outcomes and birth trauma.
10 - I have not thought about natural birth much - I trust my obstetrician/midwife and hospital tell me what I am supposed to do and will take care of everything for me.
11 - I took a tour of the hospital and saw a lot of medical equipment, there are no birth balls, birth tubs, squatting bars/stools, showers for laboring/birthing, or they spoke mostly about epidurals and cesareans.
12 - My obstetrician or midwife does not allow my preferences or support my birth plan.
13 - My OB/midwife requires a lot of testing and procedures in pregnancy, including weekly internal exams in my 9th month.
14 - I feel intimidated by my OB/midwife and end up just doing what test or procedure they tell me to do, even though I don't always want to or agree it's necessary.
15 - My OB/midwife does not allow anyone to go much past the due date and induces labor in the hospital.
16 - My OB/midwife induces labor in the hospital as soon as possible after my main bag of water breaks, if I am not in active labor.
17 - My OB/midwife requires frequent ultrasound, especially in the third trimester, and induces labor in the hospital if a big baby is suspected.
18 - My OB/midwife routinely requires continuous electronic fetal monitoring in labor.
19 - My OB/midwife does not allow me to eat and drink while in labor at the hospital and/or requires routine IV fluids.
20 - My OB/midwife requires me to labor and give birth while on my back in the bed.
21 - My OB/midwife routinely cuts episiotomies.
22 - My OB/midwife cuts the umbilical cord immediately and does not allow delayed cord clamping.
23 - My OB/midwife or assistant staff routinely suctions babies after birth and gives them to the staff to examine, and do what they need to do in an isolette/radiant warmer.
24 - My baby is required to go to a nursery for exams and procedures.
25 - My family, friends and care providers do not support breastfeeding, and/or my care providers and birth setting do not have lactation consultants available or their practice has a high rate of formula feeding.