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Let Us Help You or Your Clients Birth With Pleasure, and Have The Most Exquisite Birth Experience Beyond Imagination...


Love Your Birth Ecstatic Bundle For Pregnant Moms 

Comprehensive childbirth education + pleasure training for birth! Receive both the Love your Birth Course and the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions for the price of one! 

Love Your Birth Ecstatic Bundle For Practitioners

Support your clients to birth with PLEASURE!  Receive both the Love your Birth Course and the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training  for the price of one! Payment plan available. If interested, contact

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography


Regardless if planning a birth at home, a hospital, a birth center or need a cesarean section...

You Really Can Have The Delivery Of Your Dreams.

More Precious Than A Wedding...

A Birth Should Be A Celebration!

Now you can share this once in a lifetime experience and have a blissful birth, wherever you are.


Let us show you how to:

  • Tap into your inner calm to deeply relax yourself, letting go of busy, stressful and fearful thoughts for the health and well-being of you and your baby

  • Speak your truth from your heart in a way that deepens your relationships, sets clear boundaries, and has people listen to you and support you before, during and after pregnancy

  • Understand the sensations of your body to connect your intuition with how your body is communicating and leading you towards what to do during labor

  • Trust yourself, connect with your body wisdom, and communicate with baby in your belly

  • Connect with natural time to synchronize your mind with your body's unique biological clock for greater ease from pregnancy to postpartum 

  • Reprogram negative patterns, stories, and beliefs that undermine your confidence, strength and self trust so you can rock your birth

We want you to have a deeply positive, empowering and joyful journey through pregnancy, birth and being a momma in postpartum. Maybe you are, or you have clients who are:

A first time momma feeling a little nervous and anxious about the birthing process; 

An experienced momma who had an upsetting or even traumatizing birth experience; 

 Feeling tension, stress, or overwhelmed in pregnancy or any part of the journey to motherhood trying to navigate all the different choices; 

Not feeling supported or comfortable with the guidance out there....this is for you.


My name is Anne Margolis. I’m a mother of four. My first two babies were born in a hospital with the routine cascade of interventions, and my third and fourth were born naturally in the hands of a midwife.

I’m a Registered Nurse, OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Nurse Midwife, Certified Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga Teacher and Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. I am a two times number one best selling author of 'Natural Birth Secrets: An Insiders Guide How To Give Birth Holistically, Healthfully and Safely, and Love the Experience', and also 'Trauma Release Formula: The Revolutionary Step by Step Program for Eliminating Effects of Childhood Abuse, Trauma, Emotional Pain and Crippling Inner Stress, to Living in Joy without Drugs or Therapy.' My work, insights and advice have been seen on TV shows and movies including 4 episodes of 'A Baby Story' on TLC Discovery Channel, and the award winning feature documentary, 'Orgasmic Birth' and 'The Human Longevity Project.' I have been interviewed for multiple local, national and international radio programs, shows and podcasts, and I have also been a featured speaker and expert panelist at distinguished events for Weil-Cornell School of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, RCC State University of New York School of Nursing, and Birthnet Association of Childbirth Professionals and Hudson Valley Birth Network to name a few. My Clarity Breathwork groups have been hosted at several yoga studios and wellness centers, including the conscious, high vibration and transformational community at The Assemblage in NYC, with holistic psychiatrist Dr Kelly Brogan.

I’ve worked in a hospital as a nurse-midwife and then opened my own holistic homebirth midwifery and gynecology practice of over 20 years. I understand both the science and holistic perspectives of birth. Every woman has their own unique approach to momma-hood. Your preferences are special and deserve to be honored.


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, trained and supported women with locally for over twenty years in my private practice and I’ve poured all of my love, passion, knowledge and experience into creating something truly special for you….introducing….



A Doctor and Midwife Recommended, 

Online Course For Pregnancy To Postpartum Bliss

Whether Birthing At Home, Hospital or Birth Center- even if this is not your first baby!

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography


This is a unique approach on how to have a deeply positive, empowered, and joyful journey through pregnancy, birth, and becoming a mom postpartum. Whether you have visions of a cozy home water birth, giving birth in a birth center free of pain meds and intervention, or a hospital birth with the latest technology and emergency care access just in case, this is the ultimate pregnancy to postpartum training so you can be prepared from an emotional, physical, and spiritual perspective to relax into birth and momma-hood with excitement and ease.

This comprehensive training will help you find your center and feel balanced, strong, relaxed, and calm within yourself during this special rite of passage into momma-hood- in the midst of all the chaos of life along the way.

Brittany's video by @moanafilmes, @danicamata

“I want to thank you for your online course. Because of it I was able to do a home waterbirth in Nicaragua where it is not common at all. I live abroad so it was my dream to have a natural birth in my home. Little did I know there are no doulas or certified midwives in the country. Your course helped me through it! My father-in-law who is an OBGYN in Brazil caught the baby and also has never done a home or natural birth. He only does cesarean. What a special moment for the family! Thank you again for the knowledge I was able to achieve online!!!”
— Brittany S

The key to a positive birth, is feeling confident, strong, relaxed, and empowered during the entire process, regardless of the twists and turns it may take.

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography

In this online video course you’ll learn what is most effective, practical, and proven, not just to relax and cope, but to really love your birth experience. So that whatever unexpected events you may face you can have an empowered, joyful journey.

The course gives you positive, practical guidance for everything you most need to create a Birth You Love. It is designed to bring you into alignment with yourself, setting you free from doubts you may have, while helping you to let go of anything that isn't supportive of the kind of pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience you'd like to create.  It strengthens you and your relationships, gives you confidence, and reminds you how powerful you truly are.


“Watching this course feels like you’re having long talks with a dear but very knowledgeable friend. The course helped me keep my thoughts in line when there are so many things we don’t have control of in life, and it helped me feel more confident by getting educated in areas where I had little. There is a lot of information, which is great for a first time pregnancy. Anne is delightful and really knows her stuff. She helped me feel more prepared and confident for pregnancy and birth. This course is priceless.
— Misty A.
Photo by Stephanie Brissette Photography

Photo by Stephanie Brissette Photography

“This course not only prepared me for childbirth, but also for motherhood and beyond. It was so much more than how to approach labor and delivery and really tapped into the mind, heart, spirit and body for the full journey. It helped me discuss things with my partner that I did not even know needed to be discussed. I feel like a true team now that we’ve taken the course and discussed the workbook. I was so afraid we may not be on the same page and this course kept us on track! The information I’ve received is priceless. Thank you.
— Lindsay R.

Just To Summarize, Here’s What’s Included In The Love Your Birth Online Course:

  • 10 Comprehensive Video Modules Covering:

    • Holistic Health And Nutrition for Pregnancy to Postpartum

    • Preparing the Mind

    • Testing and Procedures

    • Birth Planning & Preferences

    • Anatomy and Physiology

    • Labor Coping Techniques

    • Tips for Dads/Partners

    • Postpartum – the Fourth Trimester

    • Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

    • Meditation, Breathwork, and Visualization

  • Downloadable Course Workbook to help guide you through the videos with actionable steps to apply and discuss with your partner and care provider.

  • Recipes for Pregnancy, Natural Nausea Remedies, Postpartum Herbal Teas & Labor Drink

  • Postpartum Support Calendar

  • 10 Page Birth Preferences Guidebook (with over 50 preferences to be aware of!)..and so much more!

           (This information is so helpful that even Doulas purchase the course for training and certification!) 

Click here for the full Love Your Birth course information and curriculum.

I SO appreciate Anne’s course, knowledge and support. I wasn’t happy with the options for prenatal classes available to me and I was thrilled to find her site. Thank you Anne for creating this online course! This was my first pregnancy and it was a big part of educating and empowering me through my pregnancy and home birth. Highly recommended! ♥️
— @terrikretai

So How Much Is It?

Me with a newborn baby :)

Me with a newborn baby :)

I’ve poured hours and hours of my time, love, passion, over 22 years of ongoing training and work experience, and accumulated wisdom and insight, into this program. 

The Love Your Birth course is easily accessible, yet so comprehensive that several physicians and midwives around the world recommend it to their clients and many doulas across the country purchase this course as part of their doula training & certification process!

My standard midwifery rate is $450 for the initial one hour private, customized consultation time to speak with me and get guidance on your specific issues. There's frequently a wait list.

What you learn in the Love Your Birth course is worth thousands of dollars and many hours of the best that I share with my private clients. Plus you get lifetime access to the full course including the downloadable workbook, and all the videos, demonstrations, PDFs, recipes, resources, guides and checklists so you can revisit the parts that most interest you over and over again (for all your babies!). 

I really want to make my life’s work accessible to as many mommas as possible, so I’m currently offering the entire program for just $597. As soon as you purchase the course you will receive an email with instant access to the entire program.

This is a very comprehensive training program and it’s packed with the very best of what I have to offer based on over 22 years of midwifery and thousands of mommas I’ve helped usher babies into this world. 

Sheila Kamara Hay of Ecstatic Birth

Sheila Kamara Hay of Ecstatic Birth

Sheila Kamara Hay is an Ecstatic Birth visionary, advocate, and coach. She desires to share with women that childbirth is not something they must endure, but a journey they can thoroughly enjoy. As a mother of three, Sheila has experienced firsthand a range of births -- from the traumatic to the ecstatic -- and has advised and inspired countless women in the creation or reclamation of their own births. 

A featured guest teacher at Orgasmic Birth Pain to Power childbirth education program and Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and , Sheila loves sharing her worldview of what's possible in life and birth and passing that knowledge onto other women. She has also taught at the En*theos Online Academy, the Birth Institute, Choices in Childbirth, and been a guest speaker at numerous virtual conferences. Sheila has a BA from Yale University and an MA from Columbia University in Cultural Sociology.

Sheila loves empowering women to access their fierce feminine power in birth and life. Sheila’s own childbirth journeys left her exclaiming, “Why didn’t I know it can be this good? Women need to know!”. She can be found screaming it from the rooftops at


WEBINAR SECRET BUNDLE For Pregnant Moms - Thank you for being a part of our special webinar! My Love Your Birth Online Course is normally $597. Sheila Hay's Ecstatic Birth training is normally $199.00.  TODAY only, you can get both my course and Sheila Hay's Ecstatic Birth training for $595. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN A Ecstatic Birth:

Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions

How do you harness the power and pleasure in your body to have a safe and easy delivery?
Can you really enjoy childbirth? How is that possible? Is it possible for you?
How do you navigate your birth option to find the ones that are right for you?

You will learn all this and more directly from the experts in the field.  Included  are 20- 90 minute MP3s (and transcripts) of juicy material moderated by Sheila Kamara Hay and featuring Dr. Christiane Northrup, Ina May Gaskin, Mama Gena, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Sheri Winston and many other leaders in the worlds of childbirth and female health and sensuality.

The Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions are delivered in two modules:

Module One: The Foundation Series lays the foundation for Ecstatic Birth preparation and support. Topics include:

*The growth and pleasure potential available to women in the birth journey
*The underlying philosophy and physiology inherent in the ecstatic birth experience
*How to consciously create a birth environment conducive to experiencing an ecstatic birth
*The importance of a woman’s relation to her sensuality, how to deepen the connection, and tap into it during birth
*Concrete tools and exercises for ecstatic and potentially orgasmic birth preparation
*How to flip the current cultural model of expectant mother as object, and prepare and experience birth from an empowered stance
*How to surrender and party with all that comes up during birth, especially the unexpected

Module Two: The Body Series explores living in your body, accessing the power, pleasure, and wisdom from within, and how to integrate that in childbirth. Topics include:

*The interwoven nature of a woman’s birthing and sexual anatomy and how deeply this informs our birth experience
*How to get out of our heads and prepare for “birth as a body trip”
*The importance of a woman’s relationship to her sensuality, and how to deepen this connection and tap into it during birth
*Concrete tools and exercises for ecstatic and potentially orgasmic birth preparation
*The underlying physiology inherent in the ecstatic birth experience
*Practices to fully inhabit the body and connect to its innate wisdom

Ready to soak in this groundbreaking information?


WEBINAR SECRET BUNDLE For Practitioners interested in helping your clients birth with pleasure: Thank you for being a part of our special webinar! My Love Your Birth Online Course is normally $597. Sheila Hay's Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training is normally $1884.  TODAY only, you can get both my course and Sheila Hay's Ecstatic Birth Training for $1595! Together this is valued over $2500!

Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training

Practitioners, would you like to integrate Ecstatic Birth preparation into the work you do with your clients? Birthing with pain is easy. We already know how to do that. Birthing with PLEASURE is a whole new paradigm of childbirth. Ecstatic Birth requires an intuitive sense that it is possible and a ferocity to stand for something different. It also requires a whole lot of support. Expectant Mamas are looking for this support.

You will learn all this and more directly from the experts in the field.  Included  are 20- 90 minute MP3s (and transcripts) of juicy material moderated by Sheila Kamara Hay and featuring Dr. Christiane Northrup, Ina May Gaskin, Mama Gena, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Sheri Winston and many other leaders in the worlds of childbirth and female health and sensuality.

Over the course of nine months, Sheila will guide you through every component of Ecstatic Birth preparation from theory to practice. She will share with you everything that she does with her clients including how to navigate and diffuse common obstacles to birthing with pleasure and how to tap into the limitless pleasure available within our bodies.

When/ Where:
Beginning June 2018 we will meet virtually, in the comfort of your home over 9 months.  Each month you receive a new module of material available online, on demand. Our live virtual sessions will include 90 minutes of integration, discussion +  Q&A.

Who it is for:
A select group of Prenatal and/or Childbirth Practitioners who are..
… visionaries and leaders, willing to stand strong in a new paradigm,
….passionate about empowering women to have great births,
….eager to dive into the uncharted waters of pleasure and birth,
….interested in deepening their connections to their bodies and sexuality, so they can in turn support others in the same,
….looking to integrate Ecstatic Birth preparation into their client offerings,
…. and excited to connect and learn from other progressive childbirth practitioners.

Ready to soak in this groundbreaking information?


The journey from pregnancy to birth and becoming a momma is such a great teacher.

You can have tremendous growth and transformation, learn so much about yourself, and experience your rite of passage in joy and celebration. This is not just about having a healthy mom and baby (while that is important), I want you to have a deeply positive, enlightening, and blissful experience.


Photo by Stephanie Brissette Photography

Photo by Stephanie Brissette Photography

So I've Also Included Some Special Bonuses For You in the Love Your Birth course:

BONUS #1: The best pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and baby care resource rolodex I’ve collected over the last 20 years. I've created the ultimate directory of over 200 resources by category for experiencing a blissful journey to momma-hood. They include my choice books on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, sibling preparation, baby care, breastfeeding, dads, parenting, women’s health and inspiration; birth, breastfeeding and yoga movies, supplies to ROCK your birth, favorite supplies for your home sanctuary - for your yoga and relaxation practice...all with links on where to get them.

BONUS #2: 60 page healthy living eBook for before, during and after birth. It’s the perfect time to wholly dedicate yourself to your health and well-being, and doing so will yield life long benefits, not only for you, but also for your baby and your family. This eBook is packed with holistic and science based practices for optimal health to look and feel your best, and improve the quality of your life - including such topics as breakdown of:

  • What foods and drinks to moderate or avoid
  • How to slow down and monotask to prevent over-scheduling
  • How to incorporate downtime; sleep and rest needs when you are super busy
  • Connecting to nature, beauty and your sensual pleasure
  • How to feel lovely, beautiful, empowered, joyful and peaceful before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Building muscles of gratitude and forgiveness
  • Minimizing junk food for the mind, heart, and spirit
  • Discovering your gifts, and expressing yourself fully and authentically

Bonus #3: Inclusion in my exclusive, private Home Sweet Homebirth Support Group and Community on Facebook. This a supportive community of women to create connection and bonding with likeminded mamas and professionals who serve them, going through similar experiences along the journey of becoming a mother or helping moms. You can use it to support one another or to ask for needed support when going through a hard time. You can use it to share or read inspiring, empowering, uplifting and educational content. I share exclusive posts and helpful information in response to questions and concerns brought up by the group.


My four childbirth experiences were among the most pivotal, transformative, empowering instances in my life. They shape who I am today and how I relate to the world, and I don’t underestimate Anne’s role in giving me that gift. Her support and wisdom had lasting impact on me for the way I face challenges when they arise.
— Julie D

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography

This tender, spiritual experience you are having is a miraculous gift.

This is a time to get to know yourself and your body.

It’s a time to feel uplifted, positive, confident, and safe on your journey.

The Love Your Birth Course can help to create a profound bonding experience with lovely memories that you will cherish forever.

Love Your Birth.

It can be one of the best, most ecstatic experiences that you ever have.




And Much Love

For Your Blissful Birth,


Anne and Sheila


Anne!! She’s a wonderful teacher, no prejudice, calm and thinks of everything. The videos are easy to digest and full of brilliant, empowering information. As a full time mom, I feel that I can take on the world. I CAN DO THIS! I just feel empowered now.
— Chloe JM
Photo by Diane French Photography

Photo by Diane French Photography