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Let Me Help You Have The Most Exquisite Birth Experience Of Your Life... 

10 Comprehensive Video Modules covering:

  • Holistic Health And Nutrition for Pregnancy to Postpartum

  • Preparing the Mind

  • Testing and Procedures

  • Birth Planning & Preferences

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Labor Coping Techniques

  • Tips for Dads/Partners

  • Postpartum – the Fourth Trimester

  • Breastfeeding and Newborn Care

  • Meditation, Breathwork, and Visualization

Other program features:

  • Downloadable Course Workbook to help guide you through the videos with actionable steps to apply and discuss with your partner and care provider.

  • Recipes for Pregnancy, Natural Nausea Remedies, Postpartum Herbal Teas & Labor Drink

  • Postpartum Support Calendar

  • 10 Page Birth Preferences Guidebook (with over 50 preferences to be aware of!)..and so much more!

What Our Mommas Say:

I signed up for Anne’s “Love Your Birth” class online, and it’s been a hugely important part of my pregnancy, and I dearly wanted to share about this and Anne’s view on pregnancy in our country at this time. If you or someone you love is having a baby, LOVE YOUR BIRTH is a fantastic program to participate in.
— Dr. Christine Schaffner, Naturopathic Physician
After taking Anne’s online course, I feel full of useful knowledge, healthy perspectives, and natural birth encouragement! Anne has an outstanding job of identifying what women need to know & hear. I’m thrilled about the wonderful words, lessons, and resources Anne has equipped me with during my pregnancy! Thank you for the wonderful work you do!!!
— Maggie Lilley

About Anne


My name is Anne Margolis. I’m a mother of four. My first two babies were born in a hospital with the routine cascade of interventions, and my third and fourth were born naturally in the hands of a midwife.

I’m a Registered Nurse, Licensed Nurse Midwife, Certified Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga Teacher, Licensed Femme! Teacher and Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. I am a two times number one best selling author of 'Natural Birth Secrets: An Insiders Guide How To Give Birth Holistically, Healthfully and Safely, and Love the Experience', and also 'Trauma Release Formula: The Revolutionary Step by Step Program for Eliminating Effects of Childhood Abuse, Trauma, Emotional Pain and Crippling Inner Stress, to Living in Joy without Drugs or Therapy.' My work, insights and advice have been seen on TV shows and movies including 4 episodes of 'A Baby Story' on TLC Discovery Channel, and the award winning feature documentary, 'Orgasmic Birth' and 'The Human Longevity Project.' I have been interviewed for multiple local, national and international radio programs, shows and podcasts, and I have also been a featured speaker and expert panelist at distinguished events for Weil-Cornell School of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, RCC State University of New York School of Nursing, and Birthnet Association of Childbirth Professionals and Hudson Valley Birth Network to name a few. My Clarity Breathwork groups have been hosted at several yoga studios and wellness centers, including the conscious, high vibration and transformational community at The Assemblage in NYC.

I’ve worked in a hospital as a nurse-midwife and then opened my own holistic homebirth midwifery and gynecology practice of over 20 years. I understand both the science and holistic perspectives of birth. Every woman has their own unique approach to momma-hood. Your preferences are special and deserve to be honored.

BONUS #1: The best pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and baby care resource rolodex I’ve collected over the last 20 years. I've created the ultimate directory of over 200 resources by category for experiencing a blissful journey to momma-hood. They include my choice books on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, sibling preparation, baby care, breastfeeding, dads, parenting, women’s health and inspiration; birth, breastfeeding and yoga movies, supplies to ROCK your birth, favorite supplies for your home sanctuary - for your yoga and relaxation practice...all with links on where to get them. (Value - $350)

BONUS #2: 60 page healthy living eBook for before, during and after birth. It’s the perfect time to wholly dedicate yourself to your health and well-being, and doing so will yield life long benefits, not only for you, but also for your baby and your family. This eBook is packed with holistic and science based practices for optimal health to look and feel your best, and improve the quality of your life - including such topics as breakdown of below. (Value - $100)

  • What foods and drinks to moderate or avoid
  • How to slow down and monotask to prevent over-scheduling
  • How to incorporate downtime; sleep and rest needs when you are super busy
  • Connecting to nature, beauty and your sensual pleasure
  • How to feel lovely, beautiful, empowered, joyful and peaceful before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Building muscles of gratitude and forgiveness
  • Minimizing junk food for the mind, heart, and spirit
  • Discovering your gifts, and expressing yourself fully and authentically 

Bonus #3: Inclusion in my exclusive, private Home Sweet Homebirth Support Group and Community on Facebook. This a supportive community of women to create connection and bonding with likeminded mamas going through similar experiences along the journey of becoming a mother. You can use it to support one another or to ask for needed support when going through a hard time. You can use it to share or read inspiring, empowering, uplifting and educational content. I share exclusive posts and helpful information in response to questions and concerns brought up by the group. (Value - $250)