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Prenatal Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy can prevent and ease pregnancy- related discomfort.

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Regular yoga practice has been shown to increase stamina and endurance. It creates space, strength, agility and stamina for active natural birthing.

During your classes, you will learn breathing, visualization, and meditative techniques for creating inner calm and focus, and tools to cope with the sensations of labor and birth.

In our modern world, many pregnant women are bombarded with external stress. Your yoga classes will help you relax and connect with yourself and your baby.

Women who practice yoga throughout their pregnancies report easier labors and smoother postpartum recoveries.

Yoga practice gives baby the delicious biochemical hormones and feelings of relaxation, relieving the toxic effects of inner stress and angst.

Yoga during pregnancy improves neurodevelopment in the womb, newborn, and even into early childhood, which positively enhances the mental and emotional health of future generations.

Regular yoga practice prepares you for an empowered pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. This leads to optimum health and well-being throughout your childbirth journey and beyond.

The prenatal yoga classes include mindful Hatha, Iyengar and Restorative practices. They are available on Skype,  or in-person private or small group classes in your home or my cozy studio in Nyack, NY.  They are ideal for mamas who don't want or can't get to a yoga studio class, and would love more individualized assistance, guidance, and an intimate connection with a teacher not available on DVD or online classes. It is like having your own personal midwife -yoga coach! 


*All yoga techniques are modified for pregnancy to make your classes safe for you and your baby

*Classes include access to closed Home Sweet Homebirth Support Group and Community on Facebook.

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I really appreciate all I learned from you and how much easier you made it for me to get through this time more calmly and comfortably! On those weeks I missed class I felt so much more sore and stiff compared to the weeks I went to yoga, it made me realize what a huge difference your teaching made in my life! I had no idea I could still be this flexible even in the third trimester. The pregnancy and labor tips you gave us before and after class were also really useful, and practicing labor positions made me feel more confident about giving birth and handling labor pains. Thak you for everything.
— Linda G.
I’m so, so, so incredibly grateful that I was able to have all the sessions with you that I’ve had so far. All of our work has truly added to my ability to feel comfortable and more confident (dare I even say sexy?!) going into labor and birth. I’m sure people say this all the time but because you have such conviction and can just “be” you, it puts people like me at ease, allows me to explore my own boundary lines a little more without fear of looking or sounding silly. This has been so comforting and empowering.. It seems clear to me that you like that level of personalization to a class and it’s been a unique approach that I feel like I’ve benefited from. I really appreciate and value all you’ve done for me!
— Shirin S.
I wanted to thank you so much. I enjoyed the prenatal yoga classes so much and they really helped me in labor especially with the deep breathing and helping me be in the right mind set. Thanks so much again
— Arielle N.