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Virtual Midwifery Support

This is my most comprehensive, supportive offering for pregnant mommas anywhere in the world.


Photo by @diahpodcast.

Photo by @diahpodcast.

This program is perfect for first time mommas. It is designed for you if you are an experienced momma, and now desire your first most pure and natural birth possible, including VBAC - whether at home, in a birthing center or hospital.

Maybe you have an obstetrician but want a more mind-body-spirit perspective and holistic approach. The medical environment can sometimes feel rushed and impersonal; if you want to be supported with more time, care and guidance and get your questions answered, I am a seasoned holistic nurse-midwife and will empower you, hold your hand through the ups and downs of this epic journey.

Or maybe you are a part of a hospital, big midwifery clinic or birthing center, where you don't feel connected to one midwife, and do not get the time and support you want. You will have my ears, eyes and heart supporting you to have an awesome pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience that you love, enjoy and treasure for a lifetime. You will learn skills, techniques and approaches to feel empowered to cope and deal with whatever comes your way.


Here’s How It Works:


We’ll start with a 23 page Wellness Assessment and Intake Form that we will fill out throughout your journey to get the full perspective of all the moving parts physically, mentally and emotionally that you are dealing with.

Then we’ll have a 2 Hour Holistic Health History Kick Off Call where we will do a deep dive into the assessment and every aspect of your life including medical and surgical history, medications and supplements you take, allergies, genetics and family history, gynecology/menstrual history, past and current pregnancy history, psychosocial history, diet, exercise, stressors and coping, support, hobbies, recreation and lifestyle.

From there you will have 9 1-hour midwifery support phone or Skype visits, scheduled when you most need them during your pregnancy, and into postpartum.

You’ll also receive my Ultimate Birth Resource Rolodex: a directory for everything you will want to have during your pregnancy, into postpartum and beyond.

You’ll have email access to send me email once a week for quick questions from Pregnancy to Postpartum.

    Throughout our time together I will provide customized midwifery holistic care resources including remedy guides as they are needed, that you can download or print to create your own customized “pregnancy to postpartum bible.”

    Things we can cover include, but are not limited to customizing your experience for:

    • Planning a Pregnancy
    • Support and teaching tools for stress reduction, alleviating fears, and answering questions
    • Counseling on holistic suggestions and remedies for common discomforts and issues of pregnancy
    • Dealing with unsupportive family and friends
    • Creating a supportive community of likeminded mamas for yourself
    • Guidance on how to make informed decisions for your birth preferences unique to you
    • Education and techniques to birth naturally and avoid unnecessary intervention
    • Preparing for postpartum
    • Coping with challenges
    • Debriefing and healing from birth trauma
    • Resolving any negative previous childbearing experience, and planning a much better one next time
    • Homebirth
    • Birth center birth
    • Water birth
    • Natural birth
    • Empowering you to plan a homebirth-like experience in the hospital.
    • Cesarean birth
    • VBAC/HBAC Preparation
    • Your placenta - and what to do with it
    • Postpartum support planning questions and issues
    • Breastfeeding and newborn Care

    And So Much More!

    And of course, you’ll receive Lifetime access to my online holistic childbirth course “Love Your Birth, so you can give birth laughing, dancing, and from a place of ecstasy! 

    Consults take place on Skype, or phone (for those in US only).  This does not replace care from your primary provider.

    This is my most comprehensive program.



    Mommas share their stories and experiences...

    “This is long overdue in saying thank you and great appreciations!!!! From my initial phone call answered by your enthusiasm to your compassionate phone calls in the colic first few weeks, I am simply so appreciative to you. I think sooooo often of the compassionate care I received from you both prenatally and postnatally and think you are a healer of an ancient order.

    Energetically, you are healing this world and making birth a sacred rite again in a world where it is chronically devalued. You are doing sacred work and making the world change one birth at a time. You are so awesome. Most women don’t know how they can be treated in pregnancy, labor, and birth. I don’t know if mere words can express the energy of this idea in my heart.

    I can’t wait to get pregnant again and have your energy and passion guard my pregnancy and birth. From the bottom of my heart, I am so appreciative and grateful to connect with you. Thank you for doing your work in such a powerful, honorable and empowering manner.”
    — In gratitude, reverence and great love, Jill W

    “My experience with you Anne was amazing from start to finish. The appointments during pregnancy were beyond thorough, and any questions I had between appointments were answered by you directly and promptly. The level of care I received is incomparable to any other physician that I ‘ve met. I just wanted to thank you for helping me bring our beautiful daughter into this world, the best way we knew how. Anne, you changed our lives in so many ways…including getting my very skeptical mother on board for this very special journey.

    After just 4 hours of labor, we gave birth to our beautiful baby girl in the comfort of our own home. It was truly a beautiful experience and a moment that we will always cherish. We can’t thank you enough for guiding us through this journey. You are truly an amazing person. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone I care about and would absolutely choose to journey to birth with you again.”
    — Love, Leah and Chris

    “Eight months ago we met and I was a little worried but determined to have a homebirth. Eventually, our dream came true, and our sweet baby came into the world peacefully and lovingly at home.

    Some people tell me we were fortunate, but I know we were fortunate because we were also very well prepared, from spending priceless hours with you during pregnancy. For us, those hours were designed and allowed the beautiful event of birth to become what it was. Now its time to thank you Anne for all the amazing work you did with us preparing us for the most important event in our life so far.

    You were so patient with us discussing again and again possible complications that concerned us, explaining interventions and ways to overcome these possibilities.

    You were so thorough and serious about the health and wellbeing of me and my baby, offering vast knowledge and experience not only with the “medical” aspect of things, but also with nutrition, supplements, and offering reading material on every possible issue that came along.

    Most of all you educated us to become people who can choose out of knowledge. I don’t know where else we could get this information, encouragement and stability along the process. The more I try to get into the details with what you have provided us, the more I understand I will not be able to do that, because it was so much.

    I will not say it was impossible to do a home birth without you, but I will say that what we received was above and beyond any expectation we have ever had, and that you were an inseparable part of the wonderful results!

    We haven’t mentioned your extraordinary personality, a combination of beauty, kindness, warmth, empathy as well as sharpness, intelligence and strength. You are a real gift to this world and we are very fortunate to find you and have your guidance and support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please save a spot for next time!”
    — Love you very much, Michal

    “We wanted to thank you. We appreciate what you do, who you are, and how you have helped us as a family. Your skill and patience made me say we must have Anne for #2! From taking a detailed history and getting to know our whole family, answering my million and one questions, to unmatched care from pregnancy to postpartum, You gave us an education that has benefited our entire lives, you encourage me to commit to a healthy lifestyle we envisioned, you set the bar so high to seek other providers who treat me with this compassion.

    My homebirth empowered and transformed me into a more evolved person. Anne, you facilitated this. Phrases like ‘peace on earth begins with birth’ resonated and carried through to our securely attached, peaceful parenting. You pointed us in the right direction Though I know you would say we were self-guided, I really owe a debt of gratitude to you.”
    — With love, Michelle and David

    This does not replace care from your primary provider.