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This program is for you, if you are a doula, or midwife eager to start your own homebirth practice. It is also for you if you have an existing practice, but you feel unorganized, and confused on the business management, and how to grow further.

Or maybe you’ve had a practice in the hospital or birth center but want to go out on your own and have no idea how to get the business started because you’ve always worked for someone else. This program is perfect for you and will shave YEARS off of your learning curve.

This is especially supportive if you want to start a home birth midwifery practice. Not only will I teach you the ins and outs of the practice, how to deal with insurance, how to get the paperwork organized, but also I'll teach you how to grow your practice (I had a full practice within a year and often a wait list of clients). I'll give you my secrets to successful online business and social media presence, and you will learn how to stand out from the others. I'll share with you what prospective clients look for in seeking support, and will give you tools to lead talks and do outreach. 

I can also help you self publish your best selling book that spreads your message, enhances your credibility as an expert in your field, increases your influence, and expands your income.

One of the most important things I will mentor you on is how to create personal balance, establish boundaries, prevent burn-out, reduce stress, stay healthy and live in joy. In our work together you will set up practices for yourself. My desire is to help you become the go-to midwife or doula that everyone wants to work with in your area. I know what it takes - I've done it for myself!

Mentor/Business Consulting
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This Program Includes:

- 5 or 10 hourly private consultations with me - these usually involve questions and answers about the documents and customizing it for your practice. We can cover marketing strategies and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, self publishing and how to do outreach for business referrals! 

- Weekly emails for quick questions that come up in between our calls.

- Access to all of my practice and business documents, relevant for you to use as a template to create your own. They include over 35 organized resources, templates, PDFs such as:

  • 33 Page Client Welcome Packet: which includes Consent Form, Mutual Agreement, Hospital Transfer Policies, Financial Policies, Supply List, etc.

  • Birth Preferences Checklist with over 50 options for creating custom birth plan preferences

  • 6 Step Postpartum Support Plan Template

  • Comprehensive Postpartum Care Instructions

  • Contact Procedures

  • When to Call in Labor Template

  • Natural & Holistic Remedy Handouts: such as Modalities for Nausea in Pregnancy, etc.

  • Legal Release Forms for records, billing, collecting photographs, testimonials and more

  • Billing Templates

  • Insurance documents

  • RESUME/C.V. Sample

  • Community Resource Template List

  • Partnership Outreach & Networking Template

- Lifetime access to my online holistic Love Your Birth course so you can help mommas as I have done in my practice for over 20 years. The course takes mommas from pregnancy through birth and postpartum, with the goal to achieve optimal health of mind/body/heart and spirit,  and also LOVE their experience, no matter how it unfolds. You will learn ways to empower your clients and help them find their joy, get excited, and look forward to giving birth, and be in ecstasy with their experience, rather than simply surviving it. This includes - My Ultimate Birth Resource Rolodex (favorite books, movies and supplies for you to give clients to help them ROCK their birth, what ever setting they are in). THIS IS FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY. SHARING YOUR ACCESS IS ILLEGAL AND UNETHICAL, AND YOUR LOGIN IS NOT ABLE TO BE SHARED WITH CLIENTS. Referrals are of course welcome.

In The Holistic & Natural "Love Your Birth" Online Course You Will Learn:

  • The step by step system to help a woman TRUST HER BODY, get her mind out of the way, and allow her instinctual process to guide her.

  • How to help mothers make informed choices of all the testing & medical procedure questions, the pros and cons - get a list of over 50 preferences to consider to help her create her personalized birth plan!

  • How to advocate for a mom’s birth plan by understanding all of the medical options of birth preferences, from monitoring and interventions to whether or not to wear a hospital gown

  • How to advise her to nourish her body with the best supplements, herbal products, probiotics, and prenatal whole vitamins for before, during, and after her pregnancy

  • Get a complete list of medical interventions so you can support her in being an educated advocate in her birth choices (genetic testing, ultrasound, newborn procedures, and more)

  • How to help women understand how their body and emotions change in each labor stage so she can prepare herself and everyone in the room for what is normal but unexpected.

  • How to teach her to create a fortress of protection around herself to keep the enemies of labor (fear & stress!) out of her experience, so she can remain in a calm, centered, relaxed place.

  • Psychological techniques you can teach for training her mind and body to naturally ease into her labor and birth.

  • Natural labor coping techniques so you can help a woman in labor or how to help her partner help her in early labor so that she is able to stay present, grounded and peaceful.

  • The tests and medical procedures that are routinely done to all babies so you can empower her to make informed choices and be an advocate for her baby.

  • Help mothers set up a postpartum plan that covers the 5 crucial categories of women’s responsibilities that need support during postpartum.


I am giving you the best of everything I have: all of my business and practice secrets, plus my personal guidance, customized exactly to what you most need, when you most need it, to support you along the way. 


“You are one of the most amazing women I know on top of being excellent at what you do. On a professional level, you are very knowledgeable on women’s health topics and childbirth and you go above and beyond with your clients. As a professional, you have inspired me to pour out everything for my patients and that being a midwife is not only being knowledgeable in your area of expertise, but having the compassion to listen and respect what my patients’ wants and needs. You strive for excellence in all areas of your life and openly practice what you preach for health promotion and wellness. You are easy to talk to and have an open ear. I hope to be half the nurse you are!!”
— Lauren, Obstetric Nurse, Student Midwife