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Beginner Childbirth Classes

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Beginner Childbirth Classes


Full series holistic childbirth classes via Skype

Eight 2 hour sessions to prepare you for your birth

Prepare for a healthy, empowered, deeply positive journey to birth and motherhood

You and your support person can relax in the comfort of your own home while covering the following lessons:

1. Optimal health and well-being in pregnancy
2. Preparing the mindset during pregnancy for childbirth
3. Breath-work, basic meditation, visualization and mindfulness practice, and benefits of regular yoga in pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond
4. Prenatal testing and procedures (pros and cons, what’s optional and recommended)
5. Warning signs to report to provider
6. Prevention of common complications/problems
7. Birth planning/preferences
8. The pros and cons of interventions at all stages of childbirth, dealing with interventions when needed
9. Helpful supplies to have at birth setting
10. Anatomy and physiology of labor and birth, including stages of labor and when to call provider

11. Effective coping techniques for all stages
12. How partner can help
13. Emergency Childbirth
14. Postpartum - planning and support for optimal healing
15. Newborn care and breastfeeding

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Thank you so much for providing the service that you do. I think you said in not as many words that this is a true calling for you and I agree - you have found your career calling
- Michelle
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