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Holistic Midwifery Support To Banish Postpartum Depression Anywhere Around The World.


Photo by @diahpodcast.

Photo by @diahpodcast.

Postpartum depression is very common, 1 in 10 women have it.  Postpartum anxiety is also widespread in today's modern world. So many mommas are left at home alone and on their own without support - which is just ripe for the onset of problems. Unfortunately, symptoms can just creep up, there’s a lot of stigma around 'mental illness,' and there’s no quick fix pill that gets rid of it.

When you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion, mild to moderate feelings of depression or anxiety, newborn care or breastfeeding challenges, or finding a sustainable new momma rhythm, I can help you with personalized guidance for your unique situation.

I know postpartum blues, depression and anxiety well, and have helped countless women prevent or overcome it in a wholesome, effective and lasting way.


We'll start with a 90- Minute Holistic Health History Kick Off Call where we will do a deep dive into the assessment and every aspect of your life including medical and surgical history, medications and supplements you take, allergies, genetics and family history, gynecology/menstrual history, past and current pregnancy and birth history, psychosocial history, diet, exercise, stressors and coping, support, hobbies, recreation and lifestyle.

From there we'll Develop Your Customized Postpartum Care Plan

And then you will receive a month of follow up and care with 4 1-hour weekly postpartum support and care calls.


“It makes me so happy to follow you on Instagram, and see all the ways you are sharing your wisdom, dancing, encouragement, and joy. My heart is filled with gratitude for you, and always will be. My four childbirth experiences were among the most pivotal, transformative, empowering instances in my life. They shape who I am today and how I relate to the world, and I don’t underestimate your role in giving me that gift. Your support and wisdom through my miscarriages and postpartum lows had lasting impact on me too - and the way I face difficulties when they arise. You are a light in my world.”
— Julie D

This does not replace care from your primary provider.