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Holistic Midwifery Support When You Are Feeling Isolated- No Matter Where You Live.


Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography

Photo Credit: Megan Hancock Photography

This program is especially helpful when you don’t have much local family support, your partner is working full time, and you are feeling like you are mostly on your own with caretaking and home responsibilities. It is very common to feel overwhelmed and anxious being home all day with the baby, even though you adore your little one and are committed to providing the best care.

It’s common to be very active with self-care before giving birth and then feel it’s impossible to balance everything after birth. It’s normal to have anxiety and fear around what might happen if you don’t get it all done and even start talking down to yourself for not 'doing enough.'


This starts a cycle that can cause you to withdraw from your partner, get more snappy, and take out the negative energy on those closest to you. This can lead to a continuous cycle of outburst, guilt, apology, repeat.

The key to avoiding all of this is taking care of yourself, healthfully processing and releasing charged emotions, and finding fresh ways to feel rejuvenation and joy. You need regular contact with someone that understands on a physical and psychological level what is happening to you and how to provide support through this. I’d love to be that person to help you.


4 1-hour calls, you can choose the frequency of weekly or bi-weekly calls. 

We'll Develop Your Customized Postpartum Care Plan.

And you will also receive email access for quick support in between our calls.

“I called Anne because my last baby was born at home and I had concerns regarding some of my care. She listened very well and asked questions. I felt her expertise and sincere concern come through the call. It was so refreshing to talk with another home birth midwife that wasn’t from my area and brought to light a few issues. Anne has so much experience and her focus on holistic midwifery is an important perspective that I feel like isn’t addressed in regular care. I felt very cared for and recommend Anne to any mama and her family.”
— Nikki W.

This does not replace care from your primary provider.