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Yoga Classes

For the mind, body and soul

Here at Home Sweet Homebirth, we embrace mindfulness, authentic yoga, and meditation as skills for life, internal stress reduction, and joyfulness.

When practicing yoga, the focus is on your body's need for muscle stretching, toning, and exercise, and the human need for serenity and joy, to help women throughout their lives, especially in pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. 

We encourage you to practice yoga as a vehicle for inner strength, balance, and flexibility as well as connection with yourself and the infinite magnificent spirit within.

Holistic midwife Anne will be your very own personal yoga coach!

During your classes, the focus will be on specific yoga postures, breath work, and meditative and visualization techniques to ease your journey through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

You can choose from weekly group prenatal and postpartum ‘mommy and me’ classes, private sessions in your own home, semi-private sessions, and small groups upon request.

Your own personal progress and growth is the focus in your yoga classes with Anne. The atmosphere of your classes will be free from  judgement or competition.  

If you choose groups lessons there is the opportunity to build your own tribe or village with the likeminded women within your yoga classes.

The specific yogic modalities taught encompass nosara vinyasa mindful flow yoga, hatha yoga. Iyengar which is restorative and great for building strength, flexibility, balance, agility and stamina as well as anusara restorative.

Anne loves questions! Please feel free to ask yours after your class while you are still on your 'Yoga High'!

Details of weekly classes are in our calendar below