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I love going to an awesome yoga class, but I can not always get to one. So I am grateful to online classes with amazing teachers and for my regular home practice to which I am deeply committed. It has been a life saver. Here is a list of my 10 favorite MUST HAVE supplies - I share them with you so you can also ROCK your regular home yoga practice, so you have what you need for active flow, alignment based or restorative yoga, breathwork and meditation, with props for assisting and supporting you. Create your own haven of calm, a place to recharge and call your own sanctuary within your home! I am a prop junkie for a reason. Splurge on the props - everyone benefits from them - you will be thrilled that you did; I want you to feel as supported and pampered as possible when you release into them and have plenty of options to enhance your practice while preventing injury. They not only give you more stability and ways to build strength, they also allow for more freedom, ability to open and breathe; they help you build more self awareness, sharper focus and concentration and ease you into a delicious inner peace and sense of renewal . And these can be used to help you in labor too. Most come in a variety of colors - I like the soothing tones, and that the colors coordinate and are pleasing to your eyes. 

1) Extra thick non slip Yoga Mat  

2) Cotton Yoga Blankets without tassels I suggest 5 - especially for pregnancy and restorative practice.

3) 2 Yoga Blocks

4) Yoga Strap

5) Yoga Bolster

6) Lavender Savasana Eye Pillow  The light weight pillow infused with soothing aromatherapy is a yummy short cut to go within, block out the sensory overload of today, deepen your savasana and relax your nervous system. It can be also used as a hot or cold pack for many discomforts, and even helps relieve insomnia.

7) Backless Classic Yoga Chair is ideal, but you can get away with a stable folding chair without the front rim on the legs, and remove the back padding.

8) ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER WITH CHANGING LED LIGHTS to distribute your favorite fragrance, and relaxing healing aromas and light to set your desired ambiance. You can try a delicious assortment of professional, therapeutic grade, 100% pure blend of essential oils for calm, romance, energy and uplift, clarity and focus.

9) I am a big fan of candles, but use them with care - I like the pure naturally scented pillars encased in glass for added safety and heavenly aroma.Himalayan natural crystal salt rock candle holders give a soft relaxing glow, are balancing and purifying; those can be filled with and tea light candles

10) Tibetan SInging Bowl to mark the beginning and end of your sacred self caring practice, with healing tones that enhance a sense of well-being.


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