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Would you like to have your birth story featured on the Home Sweet Homebirth blog and/or social media accounts? We value stories about all different types of birth — unique, funny, and inspiring — and love hearing how they empowered you. What helped you most? What were your most treasured moments? We want to share stories that help other women expand their views on what is possible for a positive, deeply meaningful birth experience and encourage them to expand their perspectives and explore their options.

If you have a story to tell, please fill out the form below. We love pictures of anything related to your pregnancy, birth, baby and postpartum period, so make sure to include some! Then, submit your actual birth story and pictures via email and write "Birth Story of Your Name" in the subject heading. Please include a photographer credit with your photos if they have been taken by a professional; let us know their Instagram username if they have one. Please also specify if you would like to be tagged on social media and include your usernames.

*Submitting your story gives Home Sweet Homebirth permission to share it on our website, social media, and marketing materials.  Not all stories submitted will be shared. Thank you for understanding and for helping other moms on their journeys.


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Art by Catie Atkinson

Art by Catie Atkinson