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Healing Emotion With Femme! Movement & The Power of Breath

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The Wholeness Center 

Description: This workshop Clarity Breathwork combined with the Femme! experience invites you to access your own inner healing and wisdom. It empowers the body to heal and reset back to optimum health. It enables you to safely feel all emotions fully, then permanently liberate old wounds, past traumas, emotional pain, and inner stress trapped in your body. It leaves you with an incredible sense of long-lasting well-being. It is an experiential and provocative workshop of profound healing, deep connection, great fun and celebration. The evening will be an opportunity to share, move your body to the primal, penetrating and healing sounds of African drumming, and experience guided meditation and breathwork. Come learn how to embody and express yourself without words, a mirror or judgement, process and move emotion, create joy, enhance your vitality, let your playful self free, and turn on vibrantly using natural, intuitive freestyle movement and evocative music that touches the soul.

When: Thursday evening October 25th, 6:30p - 9:30p; followed by a series of 4 weekly 2 hour sessions, on Thursday evenings in November 7p - 9p

What People Are Saying

Congrats to Anne Margolis on such a powerful event last night at The Assemblage in NYC! She facilitated a beautiful, joyful and loving Clarity Breathwork workshop with amazing results for many that had no expectations and were blown away by what they were able to feel and release. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to assist the event along with Cat, Asta, David, and John! ...We have started a movement in NYC!!! The sky is the limit!!
— — Gladys Caro, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner
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“Anne’s breathwork retreat was something that I never would have imagined.. When I experienced my first breathwork session, I felt skeptical and a bit uncomfortable at first. But within about 7 minutes of doing the breathwork, I felt tingling sensation throughout my whole body. I felt emotions that have been repressed for many years. These emotions ranged from fear and sadness to peace and joy. The whole hour of breathing only felt like 15 minutes to me. Upon awakening, I felt a sense of peace that I don’t think I have ever felt before. My mind had no racing thoughts and for once things were clear. Anne was one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Her positivity, enthusiasm, and energy were qualities I’ve never experienced in a person. Just being near her energized me and brought about a sense of trust. I absolutely loved the Femme dance as well. I strongly recommend Anne’s work to anyone who is struggling to live their lives.”
— Valerie R.

Experience Miracles!

Group Workshops & Retreats - Clarity Breathwork and The Femme! Experience for women and men of all ages! Feeling Stuck or Burnt Out? Want to feel Free, Fully Alive, and in your Joy again? Come and rejuvinate yourself. Reconnect to yourself, to your truth, to your light and vitality. Leave feeling renewed, lighter, awakened, and empowered.

GROUP 'REBIRTH YOURSELF' WORKSHOPS & RETREATS: Intimate group Clarity Breathwork with Femme! workshops are another wonderful way to experience these powerful healing modalities, as are weekend retreats that include yoga and other yummy activities.

Join me for a special, experiential, and provocative workshop of incredible healing, deep connection, great fun and celebration! There will be opportunity to share, dance and experience guided meditation and breathwork, followed by integration, inspiration and more sharing - all within a loving and supportive environment.

Femme! is an experience not to be missed! It allows you to explore movement for self-expression, healing and empowerment; it allows you to experience your body with pleasure, free from judgement, and honors the sexy soulfulness of the human spirit. The Femme! experience takes you on a luscious, invigorating and restorative journey through movement. It is a passionate fusion of dance, sensual motion, moving meditation and celebration of our emotional being, designed by Dance, Health & Fitness Expert, Bernadette Pleasant. Using a variety of movement and musical styles including live African drumming, Femme! interweaves the influences of Free Dance, Healing and Sensual Arts into a multisensory experience that expresses the entire body. It creates sacred, safe space for all to feel more alive and live fully as human beings; to move in innocent sensual ways, to explore and release emotions, to transform or release self-limiting false beliefs, and to unapologetically be your unique self and love your body just as it is! It invites you to reclaim your power and to boldly display that power as you move freely and fabulously throughout the world; it entices you to radiate your magnificence through your entire being, in every aspect of your life - in full connection to yourself and the Divine.

Clarity Breathwork enables you to access your own inner healing and wisdom - naturally. It is an wonderfully effective, but gentle technique that uses a certain type of breathing as a powerful medicine, that results in miraculous transformation. It enables you to safely feel all emotions fully, then permanently liberate old wounds, past traumas, emotional pain, and inner stress trapped in your body. It leaves you with an incredible sense of long lasting well-being. It empowers the body to heal and reset back to optimum health.

Group workshops are facilitated by me, and my trained assistants as needed, depending on group size. They are about 3 hours or a bit longer depending on the needs of people in the group. The group workshops can not only create your own potent transformative healing, but also fosters deep connection with others in a likeminded community. Together we journey to explore and return to ourselves, experience profound healing, and pure elation - while also being held by one another is a sacred safe space. You will leave with effective, inspiring and uplifting tools to take home and incorporate into your daily life to support your journey. There is authentic group sharing, soul nurturing touch, inspiration and supportive guidance by me and my team, as well as the supportive connected energy of the group itself. It is truly an amazing experience, like no other.

Do you crave a healing transformational retreat like no other, in your community? Would you like me to come to you? I am available for small, corporate or community groups as well as private workshops catered to you personally - which can include Femme!, Clarity Breathwork and/or yoga. For more information, contact me here.