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June 2016 - Precipitous Birth / "Emergency" Childbirth

What do you need to know if your baby comes quickly?
Listen to CNM Anne Margolis's tips on being prepared!
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Emergency Childbirth
Click HERE to watch a video from Anne Margolis, CNM, about how to handle precipitous birth! Don't forget to visit our blog to read more about the topic! 
@kaile_rae on Instagram's baby came so fast the midwife couldn't get to her in time. With the midwife on the Facetime so she could guide the family, she and her husband safely delivered their baby girl.

What would you do if your baby came faster than you anticipated?

Medically, precipitous birth refers to childbirth from start of labor to birth of baby in 3 hours or less. But sometimes labor can progress quickly from early stages to pushing. It is sometimes referred to as "emergency childbirth," although birth is not an emergency — it's an emergence!

What this means practically is the labor progression jumps so fast, you may be delivering your baby before your midwife can get to you or you can get to your birth setting. It is important to know how to stay calm and what to do so baby is born safely. No need to panic — a calm, educated, empowered partner and mama, ideally with the help of a care provider on the phone, are perfectly capable of birthing the baby. 

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"A healthy woman who delivers spontaneously performs a job that cannot be improved upon." - Aidan MacFarlane 
In this photo submitted by @bigapplefamily on Instagram, mama cuddles her brand new baby, who came so fast that grandma caught her in the bathroom, with phone assistance from a midwife. Baby and mom were both happy and healthy.
Love Anne, CNM at Home Sweet Homebirth
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