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March 2016 - Kids at Birth

Should My Other Children Be Present At My Birth?
Ask the Midwife Newsletter | March 2016
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Anne Margolis, CNM discusses various scenarios and childbirth stories from clients in her 20 years of practice where older children have been present... and also not.  You will laugh and learn along the tale of these insightful stores.

In America, the thought of giving birth in the presence of children is still a fairly foreign concept. 

However, children welcoming their new siblings was the norm before childbirth moved into hospitals in the early 20th century. Now, whether a mother chooses to birth at home, in a birth center, or hospital, she can also decide whether or not she wants to have her other children in attendance during labor and birth.

Do you know where you want your kids to be when their new little sister or brother is born? Watch Anne's
video to learn about the pros and cons of kids witnessing childbirth, and some pretty delicious stories. 

"At one birth the father was not able to be present as he was working in another state. The first child was a little boy around 2 1/2 years. During the birth he was behind me at the end of the bed with his head on his hands watching in fascination. As soon as the baby came out he ran around and climbed up next to his mother, kissing the baby and saying, “My baby, my baby” over and over. Being involved in the process of birth seems to greatly reduce sibling rivalry as the children do see its as their baby too and go into nurturing mode". (
Do you have children who don't yet understand the concept of a baby taking up space in your belly? What do they think is in there, anyway? Please share their answers with us by replying to this email directly - we bet there are some imaginative cutie pies out there!!
Do you know where you want your kids to be when you go into labor? We explore this intensely personal decision in our blog.
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