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Love your Birth Course You can have the delivery of your dreams.
Clarity Breathwork Do you want to access your own inner healing and wisdom?
Midwife Services Personal midwife to guide your path of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood
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Motherhood is a life force that makes you unstoppable.

Once experienced, you can tap into this power forever.

Home Sweet Homebirth is a resource to inspire and empower women through holistic health education and care for gynecologic, prenatal, pregnancy, postpartum and mama-hood support worldwide.

It is also a haven for healing, rebirthing and joy - offering yoga, the Femme! Experience and Clarity Breathwork sessions


Here's How We Can Work Together:  

Pregnant Mommas

Postpartum Mommas

Birth Professionals

Clarity Breathwork


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This weekend retreat will leave you feeling grounded, inspired and restored from the inside out.

Upcoming Retreat!

Revive Retreat | August 17-19th, 2018

Lifebridge Sanctuary, New York

Join us for an immersive weekend experience where you’ll learn how to use vibrantly healing breath and free-dance movement, such as "Clarity Breathwork," and "The Femme! Experience," to release stress and emotional pain and to cultivate joy in your life.

We have carefully designed this weekend retreat for profound healing to take place in a safe, loving, and supportive environment. 

Welcome. I'm Anne.

I’m a mother of 4 and a 3rd generation of practitioners in my family who have been guiding mommas to birth their babies. As a holistic certified nurse midwife, Certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner, yoga and Femme! teacher who has helped thousands, I wish I had access to the tools for my earlier births, and living fully as a human being in this world that I have now.  

I know what it’s like to give birth using both conventional and alternative methods and I want women to know that it is absolutely possible to have an amazing experience no matter what you choose. Whether you go natural, need medicine, or require interventions, I'll meet you right where you are to guide you towards an epic, empowered experience you will cherish for a lifetime.


I know suffering, inner emotional pain, stress and trauma too well, and I also know what it feels like to heal completely. Joy is a choice, takes cultivation, and is an inside job. I want to help you liberate old wounds, tap into your power and unique radiance, and have an incredible sense of well-being - using the modalities that saved my life. They are gold and I am trained, certified, and well seasoned in guiding you through them.


Let Me Help You Have The Most Exquisite Birth Experience Of Your Life.