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December 2016 - Optimal Labor Postitions

{Ask the Midwife} Optimal Labor Positions
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Optimal Labor Positions | Ask The Midwife with Anne Margolis
Our topic this month is on optimal labor positions.
Click HERE to watch the video from Anne Margolis, CNM, as she discusses the optimal labor positions women can use during labor and delivery.
Don't forget to READ MORE on the blog: HERE!

 Happy Holidays are upon us!

I hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons, and all that comes with the transition. We are living in times of great transition – many of which were not expected and are not predictable.

Just as in labor, we cannot predict outcomes, only use our resources for good and hold our spirits lifted as to journey with peace, trust and conviction that all is working in our favor, knowing that we are doing the best we can with what we face at the time.


Optimal Labor Positions

Ideally, the best position for a laboring woman is whatever brings her the most comfort, and whichever one she intuitively chooses.

If you’d prefer to read more about the information I provide in the video above, please check out my blog post on optimal labor positions HERE!
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My Passion is Serving You

I have been astounded by the support I have received online, as well as the community of like-minded women and men that stands strong upholding the same values and aspirations who follow and interact on my social pages.

For having worked with and helped so many mamas, babies and their families in person for so many years, it has been a new world being online, answering questions, and serving so many in a brand, new way.

I am so passionate about continuing my mission of helping women feel their conviction, find their voice, provide support and resources as they journey to and through an empowered pregnancy, birth, postpartum and life beyond.

I have developed several online consulting options to meet the needs of this global community. Some of my packages consist of a 1-hour consult to a full pregnancy to postpartum package. Find Details Here!

Women have come to me with past birth traumas, or feelings of not being heard in how they wanted their labors and births to be, and wanting guidance with processing, healing, and planning a better experience next time around. Some women have an OB/GYN as their provider, or do not have access to a trained and certified holistic midwife – and are seeking answers to their questions or help with a particular issue. I work with many women who have a primary conventional provider and work with me for a holistic perspective or seek midwifery guidance on a wide variety of health concerns outside of that sphere.
Chat With Anne
“I called Anne because my last baby was born at home and I had concerns regarding some of my care. She listened very well and asked questions. I felt her expertise and sincere concern come through the call. It was so refreshing to talk with another home birth midwife that wasn’t from my area and brought to light a few issues. Anne has so much experience and her focus on holistic midwifery is an important perspective that I feel like isn’t addressed in regular care. I felt very cared for and recommend Anne to any mama and her family.” – Nikki W.
Schedule A Free 15 Min Chat HERE

Work with me

I have a few spots still available for our Pregnancy to Postpartum Package.

This package consists of 10 hourly consults from pregnancy to postpartum, and is designed for a mama who is working for example with an obstetrician or large hospital based midwife group practice and wants a more personalized midwifery approach in the areas of holistic health and approach to healing – all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components that make up an empowered, healthy, joyful and supported pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. It’s my passion to bring these important aspects to light and our one-on-one talks will allow for your unique feelings, individual needs, wants  and concerns to be heard, validated and addressed, a supportive plan put in place for having a deeply positive and healthful experience and journey to motherhood.

Please see my website for a detailed description, booking information and to schedule a free 15 minute chat to answer any questions you may have.

After recognizing the demand for information and resources I have provided my clients with for over 21 years, the Online Childbirth Course was born!  It’s a beautiful course that offers comprehensive guidelines for all areas of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

Download this FREE 60-page Healthy Living E-Book right now from module #1 of the Holistic Childbirth Course for a peek of what's inside! 

Have a beautiful month, and remember to keep your spirits high and hearts open… we are meant to rise up and step into the life we want to live! You can do it!  xoxo
Love, Anne.
photo by @crystalLeee
Love Anne, CNM at Home Sweet Homebirth
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