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November 2016 - Anatomy & Physiology in Labor & Birth

I’m very excited to share this with you….
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Anatomy and Physiology of Childbirth
Click HERE to watch the video from Anne Margolis, CNM, as she discusses the changes a woman will see as she moves from her pregnancy to labor, childbirth and early postpartum. Don't forget to READ MORE on the blog: HERE!

Anatomy & Physiology in Childbirth

Women, miraculously made, are a perfectly designed vessel to bring a baby into the world. Each body part is created for a purpose and specifically placed where and when it is so babies can be born. It’s a dance between feminine bodies and their babies… each knowing exactly what they are supposed to do.

I empower women to get their minds out of the way, and learn to work the brilliant natural process. When given the opportunity to flourish… and to rise up to the moment…. A woman’s body has the capacity deliver almost every time.
This is a very important time in our lives. The world is changing and expanding. Amidst the chaos, there is a peaceful part of us that is rooted in our faith and our trust in ourselves. Babies will be born and women will continue to show up with a maternal energy, a compassionate soul and never-ending zest for nurturing their young.

My journey goes back to over 21 years, when I followed my heart and became a Holistic and Certified Nurse Midwife. I have had the privilege to serve thousands of women and be present for their most sacred experiences.
“This course not only prepared me for childbirth, but also for motherhood and beyond. It was so much more than how to approach labor and delivery and really tapped into the mind, heart, spirit and body from pregnancy to postpartum. It helped me discuss things with my partner that I did not even know needed to be discussed. I feel like a true team now that we’ve taken the course and discussed the workbook. I was so afraid we may not be on the same page and this course kept us on track! The information I’ve received is priceless. Thank you.”
It is my honor to walk this path with you and your loved ones and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide care, insight and my intuitive experience. Over the last two years, I have brought my message and my work online. I work with women and their partners, and I work with other midwives and birth professionals who want to start or grow their practice.  I am beyond words at the amount of support and following I have received online and I have answered literally thousands of questions on Instagram.

It is my true calling to work with you.

Over this time, I have learned my true passion. It is to work with women one-on-one. I am able to speak to your situation, and to your whole being… specifically… and in-depth. Our experience is customized to your unique experience. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, every birth is different. It is my intention to honor this experience.
With a growing demand for information and a need I see to treat every woman as a whole, not just a generalization, I am offering a special program. From now until the rest of the year, I am holding space to fill 5 spots. If you are a pregnant mama who wants to work with me as your midwife consultant, listening to and guiding you along your journey, it is my desire and expertise to work with you one-on-one.
This program is designed for those who:
  • Are a soon-to-be mom, a new mom, or a mom seeking a more positive and meaningful journey to birth and through motherhood
  • Desire guidance of a holistic midwife along with the care you are receiving from your obstetrician from pregnancy through postpartum
  • Want to discuss your previous traumatic birth experience, get help with optimal healing and planning a much better one next time around
  • Would like to have a personal consult on specific health-related issues and get your questions answered
  • Have personal questions for a holistic midwife

This Pregnancy to Postpartum Package includes:

  • 10 One-hour Consults
  • Weekly emails
  • My Online Childbirth Course, a beautiful and intuitive learning tool
Click below for various package details + schedule a 15min free consult with Anne to see if you’d be a good fit for the program!
Explore Consultation Options (only 5 spots open)
  • How to have the best most healthiest and joyous experience possible
  • Addressing fears
  • Counseling on holistic suggestions and remedies for common discomforts and issues
  • How to deal with unsupportive family and friends
  • Creating a supportive community of likeminded mamas for yourself
  • Helping you to make informed decisions
  • Guiding you to create your birth preferences and a birth team that is best for and unique to you
  • Preparing for postpartum and breastfeeding
  • Coping with challenges and providing techniques for reducing stress
Debriefing / Healing from Birth Trauma, or any negative previous childbearing experience, and planning a much better experience next time.
Type of Birth Experience
  • Homebirth
  • Birth Center Birth
  • Water Birth
  • Natural Birth
  • Hospital Birth
  • Cesarean Birth
  • VBAC/HBAC Preparation
Additional topics:
  • Your Placenta - and what to do with it
  • Postpartum Questions and Issues
  • Breastfeeding and Newborn Care
  • Holistic Gynecology and Primary Care - preventing and treating common ailments and health problems
Schedule A Free 15 Min Chat HERE
I am here to serve you and I have such a deep passion in my heart to help you move into alignment with  the pregnancy and birth experience you feel is possible.

I know you can do it and learn to trust yourself and the process. It’s not always easy but I have learned that if a woman feels supported, she is much more likely to have the experience she desires. I am here to offer you that support, and help you lean into your own strength, power and inner wisdom.

Please let me know if you have any questions and we can schedule a time to chat further.
Love Anne, CNM at Home Sweet Homebirth
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