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February 2017 - Should All Women Birth At Home?


As A Midwife Do You Encourage All Women
To Give Birth At Home?

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Can All Women Give Birth At Home? | Ask The Midwife with Anne Margolis
Click HERE to watch this month's video to find out if all women are candidates for a homebirth! Don't forget to visit our blog to read more about what the homebirth model of care encompasses & tips for having an empowered birth anywhere.

Welcome to the month of love!

It’s a beautiful time to reflect on the buzz of the holidays and the changes in weather keep us indoors more than usual.

For expecting moms, it’s a time to reflect on the progress you’ve made and cultivate a sense of gratitude for the miraculous changes your body is going through. Love for baby seems obvious, but it’s the love we offer to ourselves during this time that generates a significant sense of peace and well-being.

Ask the Midwife – 2 common question I get asked are:

  • “Do you encourage all women to have a homebirth?
  • “Can any woman have a homebirth?

First and foremost, I believe in a woman’s right to be empowered, informed and supported in however she chooses to birth.

Now, I promote a homebirth model of care. This means that we support physiologic birth without disturbance when all is well; we do things as naturally and holistically as possible, without intervention unless medically necessary. The care is sensitive, kind, personalized, family centered and evidence based. The setting is as close to home as a woman desires, and most importantly, a woman feels supported, heard, and her choices respected.

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Holistic Online Childbirth Course

No matter where you plan to birth, you would really benefit from my holistic online childbirth course, that is is based on my years of experience, as a midwife and yoga teacher, helping thousands of women tap into their calm and live and labor from a place of grounded relaxation and joy. It’s a great refresher or adjunct to any other course!
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In ‘The Holistic Childbirth Online Course’ You Will Learn How To:
  1. Nourish your body with the best foods and whole food supplements, before, during and after pregnancy
  2. Be healthy in your pregnancy, and in mind + heart + spirit as well
  3. TRUST YOUR BODY, get your busy mind out of the way, and allow your instinctual process to guide you
  4. Make informed choices of all the testing & medical procedures
  5. Learn The pros and cons- get a list of over 50 preferences to consider to help create your personalized birth plaUnderstand how YOUR body and emotions change in each labor stage so you can prepare yourself and everyone in the room for what is normal but unexpected or even scary if unknown. It is important for you to embrace rather than fear what is common and normal.
  6. Create a fortress of protection around yourself to keep fear and stress - the enemy of labor - out so you can remain in a calm, centered, relaxed place - on demand!
  7. Train your mind/body to naturally ease into your surges, reframe your concept of pain, shift your mindset and vocabulary, and incorporate visualization and mindfulness
  8. Prevent problems and unnecessary interventions
  9. Natural labor coping techniques for each phase of labor you might not have covered as fully in other childbirth education
  10. How to help your partner help you in labor so you are able to stay present, centered and in calm surrendering
  11. Set up a 6-step postpartum plan prenatally that covers the 5 crucial categories of women’s responsibilities that need support during postpartum, and restore your confidence to trust your maternal instincts and that you know how to love and be the best mom she can be to your baby
  12. And SO MUCH MORE!
Check out Anne's video introduction to the course HERE!

My Recommendations

So often I get asked about what books or movies I suggest.

I’d love to share them with you here:
Books I love!
Movies I love!

Thank you for reading and I will see you next month!

Love, Anne
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