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January 2016 - Prenatal Yoga

What Are The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga For Mom and Baby?
Ask the Midwife with Anne Margolis
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art by @spiritysol
What does the word "yoga" mean to you?

Does it mean the ability to hold a complicated pose for 20 minutes, or to stand on your head, or to possess contortionist-like flexibility, or to spend several months at an ashram in silent meditation?

Those who practice yoga may do some or all of the above. But what is yoga really about? It's an ancient, Eastern science of optimal health and well-being of mind, body, heart and spirit. It was brought to the west in the 1970's, and Anne is passionate about helping mamas relate to it, make it their own, and reap the huge benefits it offers. 

The physical practice is only the tip of the vast yoga iceberg. But it's a vehicle to help you connect with yourself, learn how to be mindful, and slow down and relax yourself. When done properly and regularly, it enhances strength, flexibility and balance on many levels, inside and out. Yoga is helpful at any 
stage of life
, and particularly useful during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

Anne shares her yogic words of wisdom this month -

What Are The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga for Mom & Baby? | Ask the Midwife with Anne Margolis
In this month's video, Anne's passion for prenatal and postpartum yoga is contagious. Watch here and learn how you might tap in to this invaluable practice, even if you've never tried it before! CLICK TO PLAY
Do you prana? Learn more about the love affair between breath and yoga, and read about this match made in mindfulness heaven...
Did you know...
Many asanas are named after animals and other things found in nature, for there is much we can learn from them. So stand tall and strong, firmly rooted deeply into the ground. Reach those branches up to the sky and sway with the winds of change, remaining strong while you are working your way into "tree pose"!

Prenatal and Postpartum
Mommy & Me Yoga Classes

art by @spiritysol

As a certified prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor & midwife I would like to make yoga more available to mamas. I love teaching private classes on Skype or private home / small group classes for those unable to get to a yoga studio, in addition to actual classes at the studios local to me!! 
Home Sweet Homebirth
11 Roble Rd
Suffern, New York

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