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October 2016 - Meditation, Breathwork, and Visualization

Learn simple and helpful meditation, breathing
and visualization techniques for childbirth.
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Meditation, Breathwork and Visualization for Childbirth
Click HERE to watch a video from Anne Margolis, CNM, about meditation, breathwork and visualization for childbirth and stress!! Don't forget to visit our blog to learn more about meditative breathwork and visualization techniques you can practice regularly in pregnancy!

Meditation, Breathwork, and Visualization for Childbirth and Stress

How do you start a practice of Meditation, Breathwork and Visualization, and how can they help you in labor and life? The practice of meditating goes back thousands of years. There are many forms of meditation. Today there are numerous books, classes, workshops, and groups available to delve deeper into meditation, as more and more people are seeking its benefits, confirmed now by much research. The book "One Moment Meditation; Stillness for People on the Go" by Martin Boroson is one of my favorites for beginners. Meditation is not something only for monks, nuns and spiritual leaders, but for anyone willing to practice. 

Make a commitment to practice a form of meditation that feels right for you on a daily basis. At first, practice for just a few minutes each day – like when you get up, an afternoon break, or before bed. Eventually build to twice a day or anytime you feel stressed or triggered. You may love how you feel from this practice so much, that you may want to do it more often or for longer periods. It is important to practice them daily so they become habitual, you become a pro, and when you are in labor or really challenged, you can easily tap into these skills.

Breathwork can be used as a form of focused meditation that can produce powerful positive effects which further helps you relax and cope with labor or any time you feel stressed. Being in a state of decreased inner tension and increased inner peace not only helps you relax and cope more effectively in childbirth, allowing your muscles to release so your body can do what it needs to do to birth your baby; but it also is incredibly healing and leads to enhanced well-being and a much healthier life (inner stress is among the leading causes of many ailments and illnesses). Most people today are stressed out in a chronic state of fight or flight – with over activated sympathetic nervous systems - and as a result breathe more shallow and much more rapidly than we are meant to, for prolonged periods. The ancient and modern practice of yoga has many breathing techniques (pranayama) that create a variety of beneficial internal experiences. Breathing with focused attention and consciously slowing down and deepening our breath are tools we all can cultivate. This will activate the parasympathetic nervous system to induce an almost immediate state of relaxation and calm, which allows us to not only feel better, but also recharges our batteries, heal, and enables our bodies to function more effectively in labor, and throughout life.  Think of focused breathing as your anchor, your direct path to reducing internal feelings of stress and relaxing yourself, your direct path to enhanced well-being.

Visualization is a way of using your imagination to focus on something in our mind’s eye. Its impact can be powerfully effective and healing. There is growing amount of scientific research documenting this, although people have been experiencing the benefits of visualizations for thousands of years. There are endless visualizations, limited only by your infinite imagination.
Want to learn more?
Chose your own meditation, breathwork and visualizations or select from a few of the various techniques from my blog that you like best. And practice, practice, practice. It will become your haven of yummy me time.

Don’t forget to sign up for my FREE healthy living ebook. I also work with people individually in person, face time or on Skype. Please visit this page: Chat With Anne if you want more individual attention and guidance.
My Online Childbirth Education course includes even more information about meditation, visualization and breathwork for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum as a mother. The course includes the information and inspiration you need to feel confident and empowered, in ten videos, ranging from optimal health in pregnancy, to labor coping techniques, to tips for partners, to preparing for postpartum, newborn care and breastfeeding! Plus, it also includes many bonus materials, such as an interactive workbook, tea and herbal infusion recipes, a birth preferences checklist, birth supply lists, postpartum support plan, and so much more! It is everything you need to help you give birth YOUR way!

Here are a few sites to help you along...  This is an online wealth of information created by mamas and professionals, for mamas which include streaming of videos and classes on meditation, breathwork and visualization. and These are great resources that have online classes with awesome teachers on these topics and beyond. - This amazing site has local and global classes and workshops, founded by the pioneer of prenatal yoga, meditations and mantras for pregnancy, birth and postpartum as a new mom, for mind body spirit health along this special journey of a lifetime; her wonderful book Bountiful Beautiful Blissful can be purchased here.
Each day take a few minutes to practice meditation, breathwork and visualization. You wont regret it!
Anne supports a momma as she practices meditation durring labor.
Love Anne, CNM at Home Sweet Homebirth
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