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Baby Sebastian

Dear Anne,

This card is long-overdue in saying thank you and great appreciation!!! You are doing sacred work. From my initial phone call answered by your enthusiasm to your compassionate phone calls during the colic first few weeks, I am simply so appreciative of you. If you go to the website you will find “The Training of Rural Midwives” which John and I have made a donation in your name. I selected this card to represent the universality of women you support. My labor was quite quick so I joked that I need to have y’all live at my house the next time I get pregnant : )

This past week Kelli and I were doing a workshop where we asked everyone to bring a symbol of birth. I bought this magnet and knew I wanted to send it to you.

In gratitude and great love,


Art by Catie Atkinson

Art by Catie Atkinson