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So Inspired

Dear Anne,

How shall I express to you my deep gratitude, admiration and affection? Being Julie’s Birth Chamber with you was a high point in my human experience. I will always remember the music and moaning, the candles, the many images of the full moon, Julie’s and my drums nestled side by side, the womb waters holding the Birthing One.

So long I have held Julie in my heart, beheld her fierce spirit and warrior ways that accompany her gentle and knowing soul. As in her first pregnancy, within days of conception, Spirit gave me the baby’s genders, their middle names and significance (that Julie and Bob eventually found on their own), and information about the personalities. Yet, never, never, could I have imagined the depth of Spirit that would be present in actual laborland.

Of course, I bow first to Julie, whose clarity and focus were the guiding energy. She knew what she wanted, when she wanted, and how to ask. She honored her beautiful body as it broth forth her second born child. Bob’s tenderness and instinct were impeccable. But you, Leah and Anne, you wise women, made all safe. Your own connection to the Divine and your great professional skills were a phenomena in themselves. Your teamworkis seamless and sacred. I simply love the chance to have shared this work with you. It seemed like there was only One Presence in the room and we were all aligned with that Energy, simply serving God in creation. I will never forget you; I will be thrilled if our paths cross again.

You are embedded in me as role models of what women really have to give each other. From thebottom of my heart, thank you. I thought I’d share this little book of poetry I wrote about myown experiences when my grandbabies were born. You might like the poems or even find usefor it in your Waiting Room. And, I make blessing beads for people to keep handy as reminders of the many blessings that are in our lives. You each choose which one you want. Hang it in your car, office, computer, wear in your hair or keep by your favorite chair.



Art by Catie Atkinson

Art by Catie Atkinson