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Review of Bellefit Postpartum Girdle


I was gifted with a Bellefit postpartum girdle and invited to write a review. You know, I can only keep it real. is my opinion with some basic information to help you decide whether this is right for you. Overall I was impressed, but I do want add some important points and caveats. Happily, I was able to partner with Bellefit so that you do get a discount of $20 Off with code: ANNE20 at checkout - if you purchase here.   

Healthy women’s bodies recover intuitively and naturally on their own time after childbirth, without needing a support garment. Although a mama's body really never does look the same as it did before she was pregnant, even when she eventually loses her pregnancy weight (she looks better!), I encourage you to love and embrace your beautiful postpartum body and the normal postpartum changes that you feel both physically and emotionally. I invite you to bask in the gratitude of your experience, as there are countless women who would do just about anything to have such a gift that you are blessed with. Know that you are not alone, and like billions of women before you and along with you, you will continue to recover each day and eventually return your non-pregnant state, but now as a mom. Welcome to the tribe of motherhood! I have been there with you - four times.

I have a holistic approach to life, including healing after pregnancy and birthing. Nothing replaces abdominal toning and exercise for restoring muscle strength and tone - which I encourage for all mamas as soon as they feel up to it postpartum. Nothing replaces touch, slow deep abdominal breathing, and a 'love your postpartum body' perspective that I promote.  But I have found many mamas simply feel comforted by this support garment, especially early postpartum and temporarily as be used without forfeiting abdominal toning and strengthening exercise, breathing well and touch. I have found Bellefit supportive garments to help like they use belly binding around the world such as in Indonesia. They do aid in early postpartum healing and provide support many mamas feel comforted by. I deal with human beings and the reality is many postpartum mom's struggle with body image, feel frustrated that getting back to themselves takes longer than expected. Being into holistic health and healing includes being sensitive to real human struggles - the mind, body, heart and soul of each person and their unique situation. Having helped countless women with these issues after having a baby as a midwife, I have found many still love that binding and feel better with this support, and ability to fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes comfortably and sooner than they would if they went through a C-section or natural childbirth recovery without it - especially when they have to dress up and fit into a certain favorite outfit for a special occasion or wedding not long after having a baby. The Bellefit girdle is really a wonderful adjunct to your postpartum tool kit.

Bellefit was founded in 2008 by a mom looking to help women have a positive recovery after childbirth. Bellefit is a mom owned brand, and was born out of a need to help women who need extra support after giving birth. The founder designed them to assist mothers like herself recover faster, help reduce pain and increase comfort.  Although many women are able to recover with ease, in addition to common discomforts and issues with changes in body image, there are many cases when a compression garment such as Bellefit helps a lot - like when women are faced with conditions such as Diastasis Recti, back pain or experience childbirth via C-Section, which is major abdominal surgery. It is the founder's hope to help provide this support to women who have experienced these challenging recovery journeys. 

The Bellefit girdles are recommended by many doctors and midwives, and have become so popular, even among celebrities - not that celebrity use matters to me.  The girdles are garments with Medical-grade compression and support that help in a variety of ways. They provide support for both your pendulous abdomen and back after pregnancy (especially helpful  after several babies), assist in releasing the increased fluids accumulated during pregnancy which reduces swelling, help relieve postpartum cramping, and enable you to move about, care for your baby and breastfeed more easily and comfortably. They also help to reduce incision pain after cesarean birth, and bring Diastasis Recti, the separation of abdominal muscles in pregnancy, back together. These benefits can result in feeling better emotionally, an important effect which is not to be taken lightly. When you are recovering well, you feel more at ease, more comfortable and have greater peace of mind, and can better enjoy this precious time of your life and bonding with your new baby.

You need to wear the girdle tightly around your torso, to maximize its benefits, following the birth of your baby.  The girdle should fit quite snugly around the midsection, which applies postpartum abdominal compression. It is this tightness and steady pressure around a your abdomen and lumbar region that helps aid in recovery and support after baby is born. It is this tightness and pressure that is even alleged to help straighten your spine and improve posture; but I have found osteopathic or chiropractic adjustment, and ongoing alignment based, strengthening yoga practice would be more effective modalities for this. The girdle is said to help your organs displaced in pregnancy go back to where they were a bit faster, but this will happen normally on its own with a dose of patience. The Bellefit girdle supposedly helps with lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins but I have not found evidence for this; and it allegedly compresses and decreases enlargement of fat cells, but really, the most effective way to lose excess weight and get back into shape is healthy eating and regular exercise. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 5.29.16 AM.png

Many women report liking its corset style, feeling that it is more comfortable than imagined. It has convenient flap with hooks in your groin area, and it so well made that it does not roll down your back or roll up your buttocks. This fabric itself feels nice and soft on your skin and the clips hold together very well. It can look and feel quite sexy by itself. and it can be worn under clothing without being visible. It does seem to run small so make sure you get the size that is best for you. It's tight fit may take some getting used to, but overall mamas come to really like it.

Have a Great Postpartum Recovery (with a little help from    Bellefit   )! I am thrilled to announce that you get a $20 Off with code: ANNE20 at checkout - if you purchase    here   .

Have a Great Postpartum Recovery (with a little help from Bellefit)! I am thrilled to announce that you get a $20 Off with code: ANNE20 at checkout - if you purchase here.

It is available in a variety of styles - duel closure, corset, girdle zipper, pull up - ranging in price from $72.50 to $145, and Bellefit sells other garments for support during pregnancy. I do like the garment for support and alleviating back and low pelvic discomfort during pregnancy as well - I have also found it effective to keep breech babies turned vertex, stay vertex, and help like a Rebozzo in long non progressing labors, assist baby's head to be better applied to the cervix for uterine contractions to more effectively result in dilatation and descent - especially mamas with lax abdominal tone and pendulous abdomens, after several pregnancies without toning in between. Bellefit has great customer service. They will help you with sizing and answer your questions promptly, which is why it is ideal to order directly from them rather than Amazon for example.

For additional information, watch testimonials on Bellefit's YouTube channel and remember, if you decide to purchase, you get a $20 Off with code: ANNE20 at checkout by clicking here. Have a Great Postpartum Recovery (with a little help from Bellefit)!