Mentoring Birth Professionals

Providing maternity care as a holistic, personalized experience, that returns power to women and encourages them to feel their vitality, live in joy and love their birth - has been the hallmark of my practice. It’s an honor to share this path and calling with you!

As a Certified Nurse Midwife, I started working in a hospital based practice, and then opened my own home birth midwifery and gynecology practice - where I’ve learned so much from helping to bring over 1000 new babies into this world. My practice has been local, with a wait list of clients within the first year I opened.

Having a successful six figure practice of 20 plus years has provided me with many resources and a lot of lessons that I wish I would have known when I first started out - especially regarding what is NOT taught in standard education and training.

If you are a doula thinking of becoming a midwife, or a midwife wanting to start or grow your private practice, I’d love to help you! Here are ways we can work together:





Rock Your Practice

For Midwives And Doulas

Rock Your Practice is the deepest form of professional mentoring I offer. It's especially supportive if you want to start a home birth midwifery practice. Not only will I personally teach you the ins and outs of the practice as it relates to your needs, but also I'll share how to deal with insurance, how to get the paperwork organized, and how to grow your practice.

I'll give you my social media secrets, and you will learn how to stand out from the others. I'll share with you what the best clients look for in selecting support, and will give you tools to lead talks and do outreach.





Jumpstart Your Practice

For Midwives And Doulas


Jumpstart Your Practice is a great option for developing or building your own Midwifery or Doula practice! Get educational training to support holistic and natural births, plus all the documents and business strategy you need to get your business going! This will shave YEARS off of your learning curve.






Doula/Midwife Mentorship


This is perfect for you if you are are feeling isolated and are desiring expertise of a midwife mentor for reviewing and getting support on challenging cases or complications, charting, and medical/surgical transfers. I'm also happy to share some business suggestions to grow your practice as part of the process as well.





Aspiring Birth Professionals


This is a great starter program for personalized guidance and support when you are new or exploring birthing career options.