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Can All Women Have a Homebirth?

Ask the Midwife: Can all women have a homebirth and do you encourage all women to do so?

First and foremost, I believe in a woman’s right to be empowered, informed and supported in however she chooses to birth.

Now, I promote a homebirth model of care. This means that we support physiologic birth without disturbance when all is well; we do things as naturally and holistically as possible, without intervention unless medically necessary. The care is sensitive, kind, personalized, family centered and evidence based. The setting is as close to home as a woman desires, and most importantly, a woman feels supported, heard, and her choices respected.

What Questions Should You Ask When Interviewing A Midwife?

What Questions Should You Ask When Interviewing A Midwife?

Grab a glass of iced tea and settle in as we explore our first “Ask the Midwife” topic: “What questions should I ask when interviewing a midwife”?

When it comes to our care and that of our babies, we want to leave no stone unturned. And we all probably know the basics. But it takes a little bit more reconnaissance to uncover personality traits or practice philosophy that might not be immediately apparent when you are trying to decide which midwife will be best suited to your needs and preferences.