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birthing stool

10 Supplies to Rock Your Birth in Any Setting

1) THE BIRTH POOL IN A BOX  - a regular size is ideal, as it fits your support person and allows for complete immersion of your uterus for more freedom of moment, comfort, relaxation, and easier birthing.  It comes with repair patch kit, disposable liner and carrying bag. A smaller size is available, but I would recommend it only if space is an issue. An electric pump for inflatables   fills it up quickly and easily with air, and a submersible drain pump empties it after use. It is common to poop during pushing. To easily scoop the poop, get a fish net.   

Photo by Allison Lucienne Photography

Photo by Allison Lucienne Photography

2) REBOZZO  - a traditional Mexican fabric with multiple uses for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, from comforting and supporting you, to aiding in optimal positions for you and baby during labor and birth, to baby wearing. 

3) BIRTH BALL - is a wonderful ergonomic tool to support you in the most comfortable and ideal positions during the childbirth process. It can be used for exercise, and is great to sit or lean on during pregnancy; postpartum, it can be used to rock and calm a fussy baby.

4) SQUATTING STOOL  - (like that or this one) assists you in a supported squat for birth, going to the bathroom and sitting - the healthier way we used to sit before there were chairs; it prevents many ailments, and can also be used for potty training. 

5) NOW WALL CLOCK - to keep you focused only on the present moment, the only place you need to be during labor.

6) BLENDER WITH 16 OZ CUPS, COVER & STRAW PORT - for easy nutrient rich smoothies and hydration needed for laboring well.

7) THERAPEUTIC CORN FILLED HEATING PAD AND COLD PACK  - so soothing for areas of discomfort, and smells yummy when heated, 

8) ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER WITH CHANGING LED LIGHTS - to distribute your favorite fragrance, and relaxing healing aromas and light to set your desired ambiance. You can try a delicious assortment of professional, therapeutic grade, 100% pure blend of essential oils for calm, romance, energy and uplift, clarity and focus.

Affirmation Art by Spirit Y Sol

Affirmation Art by Spirit Y Sol

9) POSITIVE and EMPOWERING AFFIRMATION CARDS - to hang in your birth setting to inspire you and remind you of your incredible,capacities as a woman. 

Affirmation Art by Spirit Y Sol

Affirmation Art by Spirit Y Sol

10) ELECTRIC CANDLES and STRING LIGHTS - for an lovely and enchanting environment in the hospital or birth center. In the home setting, you can use candles with care - I like the pure naturally scented pillars encased in glass for added safety and heavenly aroma. Himalayan natural crystal salt rock candle holders give a soft relaxing glow, are balancing and purifying; those can be filled with and tea light candles

PLUS - MAKE THREE PLAYLISTS: one with calming relaxing sounds, one with sensual soulful songs (like R & B)  that arouse you to tap into your sexual feminine self and slow dance alone or with your partner, and one with upbeat songs that create fun happy energy, make you want to move your hips and shake your booty or belly dance (like hip hop, funk, African, Latin, tribal, Indian/Arabian). I love a good waterproof and splash-proof portable wireless speaker for your smartphone or other devices. 

A more comprehensive list of oh so helpful supplies for your birth are listed in my Online Holistic Childbirth Course.

Photo by Megan Hancock Photography

Photo by Megan Hancock Photography

Let Me Help You Create The Happiest Birth Experience Of Your Life...

Whether you're a first time or experienced momma,

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Regardless if you are planning a birth at home, a hospital, a birth center or need a cesarean section, or if you are taking another childbirth education class…

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  • Tap into your inner calm to deeply relax yourself,letting go of busy, stressful and fearful thoughts on demand for the health of baby
  • Speak your truth from your heart in a way that deepens your relationships, sets clear boundaries, and has people listen to you and support you before, during and after pregnancy
  • Trust yourself, connect with your body wisdom andcommunicate with baby in belly
  • Connect with natural time and sync your body and mind up with your unique biological clock for ease from pregnancy to postpartum
  • Reprogram negative patterns, stories, and beliefs that undermine your confidence, strength and self trust so you can rock your birth

Physicians and midwives around the world recommend my teachings to their pregnant clients and many Doulas across the country learn the secrets of blissful birthing from me to supplement their Doula Training & Certification process!

To learn more, visit:  LOVE YOUR BIRTH Online Childbirth Course!

It is based on my years of experience, as a midwife and yoga teacher, helping thousands of women tap into their calm and live and birth from a place of grounded relaxation and joy. 

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Optimal Labor Positions

Modern day medicine and common hospital birth experiences lead many women to believe that birthing on the back is standard and optimal. But it was never standard before birth was moved to the hospitals in some localities in the early 1900s, nor is it a naturally assumed birthing position around the globe today. It may be optimal for the attending care provider to control the delivery, but it is not at all optimal for the healthy mom or baby whose birth does not need to be controlled.

Childbirth Class FAQ

Childbirth Class FAQ

Why should I pay for this course instead of just doing the free one my hospital offers, or a typical childbirth education series? 

This is a common question when it comes to paying for childbirth education that falls outside of your free hospital classes. So what makes this course so much different? It has been designed by a holistic midwife, doula, childbirth educator, and yoga teacher with over 21 years of midwifery experience; someone who has never had a single transfer from home to hospital due to a woman being unable to handle the sensations of normal labor in any of the births she has attended.

Do I Really Need to Do(ula) This? Part 2

Do I Really Need to Do(ula) This? Part 2

As promised, we are back with Part 2 of our doula blog. We pick up from where we left off a few weeks ago when the leaves were not quite as crunchy…

In Part 1, I featured the work of the Labor Support Doula, and what she can offer during pregnancy and birth. Before anyone calls me out for being sexist, let’s acknowledge that there are currently a few men who are trained doulas around the world (and, fun fact for any Gleeks out there: Matthew Morrison’s father was a midwife!) However, since women tend to be the overwhelming majority working in these areas, I will, going forward, refer to doulas as women.

Do I Really Need to Do(ula) This?

Do I Really Need to Do(ula) This?

Let’s have a little doula chat, shall we? You’re pregnant, and as a result, you’ve acquired a whole new vocabulary: baby-wearing, layette, milk-duct, meconium, hybrid-diapers, effacement, linea alba – the list goes on.  One word that will become ever-present on your prenatal planet will be this one: “doula”. You’ll hear it from friends, on social media, in your childbirth class, maybe even from your local grocery store check-out staffer. So, because you have an inquiring mind of the prenatal kind (where you HAVE to know everything, but then forget it five minutes later), you are going to investigate the heck out of this doula thing. And we applaud you for that. If you want a solid intro as to why you should hire a labor support doula, please watch Anne’s video.