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Supplements I Take Daily & My Recommendations For Pregnancy


I am often asked what supplements do I recommend and why. I like to recommend what I do, and do what I recommend. I must believe in something and love it, in order to promote it. And when I find gold I like to share it so others can benefit. I have given birth to four babies. I was too nauseous to supplement in the first trimester each time, but when that passed, as far back as I can remember, I was very devoted to eating and living healthfully. And I took my supplements daily. I was blessed with feeling wonderful vitality and rarely got sick - even when a bug was going around my house. I knew my well-being had a lot to do with my habits, and my supplements played a huge role. Getting my little ones to supplement as I did was challenging; I was happy when they took the basics. My husband did not take any supplements, no matter what I said. He just wasn’t interested. But he was sick often and still remain unsurprised. I just love to feel awesome, and once I touched that feeling, I wanted to keep it, and help others feel their absolute best.


So what’s my supplement magic? I take whole food organic supplements from trusted, high quality, professional grade companies - like Innate or New Chapter. I take a multivitamin/mineral combination, vitamin C, B complex, CoQ10, Bone Strength with calcium, magnesium, potassium and D. I also take Nordic Naturals or Vital Choice omega three fatty acids DHA/EPA from wild caught fish in waters tested free of toxic pollution, and natural immune support. I take this every day, and additional natural remedies as needed periodically. Since I am not pregnant, my recommendations for pregnant women are different, and mentioned here. This is what I took and would take if I would be pregnant.  I recommend these to pregnant family members and friends, as well as to the mamas who seek my care.

How Our World Has Changed


Our ancestors did not take supplements. I often wonder if we are healthier than our ancestors or not. Modern day living has benefits, but also comes at great cost to our well-being on many levels. Although we have more knowledge now, growth had deleterious consequences.. As the population increased, consumerism increased, along with the over use of resources without awareness or concern for the effects, and the world has more pollution now. Processing and pesticides have increased, which adds toxicity to the food that is not as nutrient-dense as it was in the past when we ate from small local farms, wild growing produce and gardens.

Organic whole food is basically eating real food as it was before it was sprayed with chemicals, highly processed and refined. Animals are given grains sprayed with unmonitored pesticides to fatten them up cheaply, hormones to boost milk production, and antibiotics to treat infection that develops from overproduction of milk and inability to be active from confinement. At one time, animals were free to roam pastures, free to eat their natural, varied green diet and use their muscles.

Pasteurization came about to increase shelf life of dairy, but it destroys the enzymes needed to digest and process milk, as well as its vitamins. The mass production and industrialization food also messes up the soil which further contributes to the lessening of essential nutrients it used to have, which made the food nutrient-rich naturally. So much of what is called now, is so refined that its original form is gone. The outer part of grains, for example, is removed and processed down to get white flour, which is basically sugar without the nutrients and fiber. Then they supplement it with synthetic vitamins, artificial dyes to make it look more appealing to sell, chemicals to alter it and preservatives so it lasts longer from factory transport to the supermarket shelves.  Most products labeled as food found in the middle idles of typical supermarkets and fast-food restaurants have ingredients many can not pronounce, let alone recognize, and are laded with various forms of sugar and unhealthy fats. This has contributed to a wide array of symptoms of dis-ease and multiple health problems from obesity, lactose and gluten intolerance to mental illness, inflammatory conditions, adult onset diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension and cancer.

The standard diet is really empty of needed nutrition and most busy, stressed-out moms in the modern world, do not eat all of what is needed for the health of themselves and their pregnancy, even if they try to eat healthfully.

Many articles you read today will mention how we have gotten away from a hands-on lifestyle. We don't grow our own food anymore and have moved into a place of what is convenient and least in the short term. What people may not realize, is the higher cost of eating healthfully today, pays off with huge savings from healthier lives, and less need for medical care over the the long haul.

It's actually a really exciting time right now because we are recognizing that we need to slow down and cultivate a lifestyle based on mindfulness. It's not just theory anymore, as it's more popular than ever to live a life of awareness. This includes consciously incorporating raw, whole foods into our daily diet, and removing toxins that can be found in processed foods, beauty and cleaning products.

Many of us recognize that we have grown out of alignment with our true nature and it's time to get back to our original design.... get back in touch with the cyclic nature of our human bodies, our minds and our spirits.

“Centripetal energy is the grounding force that makes women the centers of their households. When a woman elevates her life for the better, her entire family benefits because she sets a new level of awareness and clarity in the home. Good nutrition is one of the central pillars of a healthy pregnancy.” - “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful: Experience the Natural Power of Pregnancy and birth with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation”, Gurmukh Kau Khalsa

Start With The 80-20 rule

The 80-20 rule means that at least 80% of the food you eat should be whole and unprocessed and hopefully organic. Moderation is important. It is more realistic and doable, if most, not all of of your food is whole food, varied and organic. Enjoy the other 20% without the guilt. Hopefully you will also enjoy the 80% as well as I do.

Most of the nutrients we get are going to be from the food we eat. Colorful, whole foods are going to be the bulk of what provides the most benefit. As Dr. Christiane Northrup says, we can eat well most of the time as well as leave some wriggle room.  "Eat a low-glycemic diet that keeps blood sugar stable and contains adequate protein, essential fats, and micronutrients." - Dr Northrup.

For my dietary recommendations in detail, I suggest downloading my 'Healthy Living Tips' here and get a free peak at what is inside my Love Your Birth online course.

Supplements are an important part of any healthy and holistic lifestyle. Even with the best diet of whole grains, greens and proteins, our bodies still need additional help in supporting a well nourished body and life. Especially during pregnancy, when all of a woman's nutrients are needed to support not only mama, but also passed to the developing baby, it's necessary to supplement a healthy balanced diet.


I love helping a mama at such a time as pregnancy, when she is so eager to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle for herself, her baby and her family. My 'Healthy Pregnancy Starter Kit Package' includes the premium hand-picked supplements and comprehensive recommendations that the women in my practice have used and benefited from over the years, with great success - and they are listed below:

Supplements I Recommend (available in my online Health Dispensary at discount)

“What prenatal vitamins do I recommend?” and “What do I suggest you do to achieve the best health in pregnancy?” are actually two of the most common questions I get.

Pregnant mamas are so motivated to make healthy changes for themselves, their babies and growing families – and it is one of my passions to help them with this.

  • Prenatal multivitamins with minerals - My favorite brands are Innate Response or New Chapter.

    • For women that aren't pregnant or breastfeeding both brands above make wonderful multivitamins with minerals.

  • Fish oil - free of pollutants; at least 300mg combined DHA/EPA, 1-2 times daily -Nordic Naturals and Vital Choice are top quality brands, as is Innate Response and New Chapter

  • Vitamin D3 - 1000-2000 units daily or 4000 units per day if blood levels are low, with Calcium and Magnesium – the amounts I advise are dependent upon diet and lifestyle evaluation. - again, I recommend Innate Response or New Chapter Bone Strength (makes Tiny Tablets many find easy to swallow).

  • Herbal iron - as needed, especially with low iron stores and advancing pregnancy. The dose is dependent upon labs and evaluation of symptoms. As a wonderful adjunct to the supplements, superfoods, like powdered or freshly juiced greens can be added to veggies and fruit smoothies. Herbal sources of iron like nettle or yellow dock root can be made in the form of a drinkable infusion. Innate Response and New Chapter are fine, but I have had great results with Floradix in liquid or tablet form.

  • Probiotics – Colon and urogenital-specific, mega-probiotics have been demonstrated to help prevent group B vaginal strep that normally live in the lower intestines. If group B strep grows in the vaginal canal during pregnancy, it can increase the risk of potentially serious newborn infection if exposed in labor/birth - I have had much success with Klaire Labs Prothera Therbiotic.

    • When not pregnant , there are other formulas to maintain a healthy balance of good flora. Probiotics help boost your immune system after taking antibiotics; also, they help with intestinal issues and other health conditions.

  • Drink the following herbal infusion daily, which is rich in needed nutrients and is specifically nourishing for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

    • Place 1 oz of dried red raspberry leaf, 1 oz of dried nettle leaf in a quart-sized glass canning jar, fill it with boiling water, cover and steep for at least 2-4 hours at room temperature. Strain and place in a covered pitcher. You can make it in larger quantities and store in the fridge.

    • For taste, dilute with water or steep for less time (but no less than half an hour), add lemon or lime juice, mint leaves or a teaspoon of honey. Drink 1-4 cups daily, hot or cold

    • I use Frontier Organic herbs in my pregnancy starter kit, which includes canning jar and strainer, or you can grow and dry your own.

The Mind-Body Connection

In conclusion, supplements are just that.... supplemental... to a mindful, well-balanced nutrition plan. Also, the thoughts we think and the perspective we carry during pregnancy works with our bodies and what we put into it.

Putting good thoughts and positive energy into our minds, are a great supplement to the way we nourish our bodies during this special time! 

The 80-20 rule teaches us that there is not such thing as perfection. Every woman that I work with is doing the best she can and I encourage all women to take this time to slow down, listen to her body and take things one step at a time. Any positive choice incorporated is a great one. 

For further inspiration during and after pregnancy, please make sure to click here to receive my complimentary 60 page Guide to Healthy Living ebook. 

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Click here to enter my dispensary at Fullscript.

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