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Dancing With Special Needs


“On Six Years of Freyja-hood

Freyja turns six tomorrow. 

Today was a rainy day of mini-vacation on Cape Cod. There were Mad Libs, there were board games, there was reading, there was the telling of stories. As she got in the bath tonight, I told her the story of her birth and she rolled her eyes and groaned and said "But I already know, Mama!"

Considering the complexity of this child, it's a pretty simple story (featured in more detail on the blog). I will leave out the drama for the squeamish readers and summarize here: Early one morning, spouse says: I'm cancelling my plans for tonight. I feel like I should stay home just in case. Remembering the way my first birth went, I say, no, go ahead and keep your plans! This baby has another two weeks to go. Have a nice day! And off I go to work and about five hours later I go into labor at my desk. Since the last baby took five days of labor to make up her mind about coming out, I think nothing of the contractions and reassure people that everything's fine and there's no cause for alarm. Then I lose my mucus plug while interviewing a candidate for a position on my team (whom I immediately hire), think I am bleeding to death, go get an emergency ultrasound, am told that I am definitely in labor and that I should under no circumstances go back to the office or go anywhere but straight home. In the cab, I alternate between not wanting to scare the cabbie into thinking I will give birth in the backseat of his car and expressing extreme gratitude that my spouse's spidey sense was dead on. He was home to receive me. Figuring we have a long night ahead of us, I sit on the birthing ball, bouncing and screaming and watching a season and a half of Breaking Bad, try to take a nap as Ina May Gaskin advises, and then lie in the bathtub for so long that I don't realize I am transitioning until I am puking all over myself. Spouse calls midwife when my screams become continuous but for the retching. Midwife shows up in a flash and says "holy shit you're having this baby right here in the bathtub, right now" and seventeen minutes later it's 5:03 am and I have a baby on me and a plate full of Oreos that I cram into my mouth two at a time because my blood sugar is low and giving birth makes me hungry in the kind of way that only a gigantic bag of double-stuf Oreos and a newborn baby can satisfy.  Midwife and doula clean up and clear out, other child wakes up, spouse passes out from exhaustion and I don't sleep well for the next five and a half years. The end. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 4.01.09 PM.png

So six years ago I was having the homebirth I always wanted, giving birth to a second daughter, completing my family and perfecting my life. 

Five years ago I knew there was something terribly wrong with my baby and was trying desperately to convince everyone else that she needed evaluation and help.

Four years ago I was drowning in diagnoses and medical information, trying to navigate the Early Intervention system in New York City, knowing that if she lived, we would leave. If we stayed, she wouldn't stand a chance. 

Three years ago she was placed in the wrong classroom. I knew it on the first day of school and it took the DOE an entire year to move her. So much precious time wasted. (But she rocked a ballet dance recital! It was covered in the NY times!) .

Two years ago we made the decision to leave our hometown, the Big Apple, where were were both born and raised and where we'd always been sure we would also die. We knew it was the right thing to do to give both of our children what we felt they needed and deserved.

One year ago I felt hope as she started her last year of preschool in a truly integrated, inclusive setting.

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 4.12.19 PM.png

And here we are today, getting ready to celebrate her birthday. It's a celebration of life. Her life. Of beating the odds, a day at a time. For the older she gets, the more victorious we feel. Her diagnosis is cruel and unforgiving, but she doesn't know it. It doesn't stop her and she doesn't let anything stop us. We are sleeping a little better now because we mostly believe she will be alive when we go upstairs to rouse her every morning. She is thriving and blossoming and she is just so busy being.

She has big plans for her birthday. She has a fancy dress to wear and wants cake and donuts and presents and family and friends. She tells everyone she sees that she is turning six on September 24th and that she is really excited. But her party is a week later, so she plans to celebrate all week long. And then it will be Halloween soon and she's going to be Princess Anna, who is from Frozen, in case you didn't know. She rattles this all off to the checkout person at the grocery store, the barista at the coffee shop, the bus driver, the lady who cleans the bathrooms in the town center. And they look down at her and I watch them take her in, their eyes running over the walker, the leg braces, and the sparkly eyes and big smile. I see her as they see her and I watch as they fall in love with her and I am proud that she is mine, this little being who spreads joy wherever she goes, warming the hearts of everyone she encounters.   

In a way, Freyja is Milo, the main character in my favorite book of all time, The Phantom Tollbooth. Milo is sent on a journey, the truth of which the King of Dictionopolis and the Mathemagician both know but refuse to tell him until he has returned successful. Instead they wish him well, set him up with an entourage consisting of bugs and dogs to keep him safe, give him tools to fight the demons he will surely encounter, and send him on his way. 

Remember that thing we told you we couldn't tell you until you were back? the kings say to Milo at the festival they hold in his honor upon his return, having rescued the princesses of Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason and restored them to ruling the kingdom of Wisdom. Yes, he says eagerly. What was it? "It was impossible," one of them says, very seriously. "Completely impossible," says the other.

If Freyja is Milo, then I am the King of Dictionopolis, powerless to fix the plight of my own child but with a head full of all the letters and words in the whole world, and Johnny is the Mathemagician, with a magic staff that rewrites all the formulas and creates solutions to unusual problems. We created this child. We unwittingly set her up for this journey, and now, just shy of six years in, we can look at her and marvel. What we knew would be completely impossible, she has done. 

But I'm never going to tell her that. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 3.58.04 PM.png

At Back to School night a couple weeks ago, several parents came up to me, introduced themselves, and told me they hear about Freyja every single day from their kids. I smiled and made small talk and chatted about play dates that probably won't ever happen, and I wondered how they knew I was her mother. How did they know? I had no name tag on. I hadn't even opened my mouth. Do I just exude L'Air Du Special Needs Mama somehow? 

I pondered this as I sat down in her tiny chair. We listened to her teacher as she talked about school rules, field trips they needed volunteer chaperones for, allergies in the classroom, ziploc bags full of extra underwear and socks I needed to send in. In seventeen little folders on the tables were seventeen green sheets of paper, upon which we were asked to write down some emergency contact information. Under this was a blank space, at the beginning of which read: "Tell us a little bit about what your hopes and dreams are for your child to achieve this year!" I chewed my pen cap, thinking. I peered over at the mom next to me to peek at what she was writing, but I couldn't see. I wondered what other parents said. I want Junior to be able to read chapter books this year. We hope that Molly continues to benefit from the socialization that preschool provided last year. Who knows? I closed my eyes for a moment and then I wrote: "Freyja is a hardworking, determined child who benefits from an inclusive environment with neurotypical peers as models. Of course we are concerned about her academics but even more important to us is this: We know that schoool, like life, is full of joys and frustrations. We want Freyja to be able to face both as she grows. She will never stop working toward her goals. If she knows you are working with her, she will never ever let you down, so please don't ever give up on her." And I folded the green sheet of paper and dropped it into the pile on the teacher's desk and walked out into the night, back toward home, to my sleeping girls, to the life that I never knew was possible until Freyja came along. “ by Aimee Christian @thewriteaimee

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 4.13.23 PM.png

Raising children is the biggest blessing and can be incredibly challenging, let alone parenting a child with illness or special needs. My own wake up call was my daughter’s serious disease, and then my sister’s son who was diagnosed with having autism. I had to hit rock bottom several times before I woke up. But I am so glad I woke up, so I could be there for myself, my family, my friends and my clients.

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How do You Navigate Immunizations for You and Your Baby?


How do You Navigate Immunizations for You and Your Baby?


If you keep conscious and up-to-date with the goings-on of the health industry, you know that the immunization of babies and young children through vaccination is not as simple as mainstream medicine makes it seem.

It is indeed a controversial topic, especially among those that take their well-being into their own hands, and prefer natural, more holistic approaches. As with most any health issue, you have your extremists polarizing –not to mention monopolizing– the content of this subject.

If you begin to do simple research online of the pros and cons of vaccination, you’ll quickly discover that there’s a lot in the way of intense debating. It has become quite a political issue. People with differing opinions can get emotionally charged and take things personally. I maintain a welcoming stance to respectful discussion and disagreement, as long as positive vibes are maintained and there is no judgement against a family who makes a decision to do what they feel is best for themselves.

How, as a parent or soon-to-be, do you dig out the truth? And, how do you know you can trust it?

How do you navigate immunizations for you during pregnancy, and your baby? You alone can choose what is best for yourself and your little one.


We all know that modern medicine urges vaccines as per CDC guidelines; that is heavily promoted and is a legal requirement in many localities. But more and more scholars and physicians are questioning the standard protocols as they analyze the science and data.  In this article, I dare attempt to provide some counter balance, and share the unspeakable, for a licensed health care provider. I specifically delve into talk around the flu vaccine as it’s recommended and administered routinely to pregnant women in the United States. The principles and issues of concern, however, remain the same as with all vaccines. Do your research and be mindful of the difference between fear-based news and actual facts. 

It is a huge topic - each vaccine and infection it is said to prevent could be a chapter in a book; but hopefully, this gives you an idea of how to go about your own immunization research, and a sense of where you are comfortable seeking your health care guidance.

The Controversy Surrounding Immunization in Pregnancy, Babies and Young Children

Should we vaccinate? If we do, how early do we start? Which vaccines do we consider?

Should we not vaccinate? Can we trust these vaccinations not only to work but to, in turn, do no harm? 

In my own work, I’ve always guided mothers to educate themselves in order to make informed decisions, and have recently written specifically about another hot issue Group B Strep.

As with GBS, I encourage educating yourself, weighing the risks and benefits of each option regarding testing, prevention and treatment, and deciding what is best for you and your baby. 

In the case where you’re dealing with an illness that’s potentially very serious, it may make sense to administer the associated vaccination whose known risks have so far appeared relatively innocuous.  But often enough, it is not clear what is worse: the risk of infections, or the risk of the vaccines - some of which are far from harmless.

What I’d like to do with this article is give you a broad idea of what’s being sold to us as consumers and what’s truly out there in terms of factual information and sound research.

The ACIP, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, is “a group of ‘thought leaders,’” writes Dr Kelly Brogan MD, “charged with the task of determining what vaccines will be pushed upon you during your doctor’s check-ups and wellness visits. It consists of heads of pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis and Sanofi Pasteur, and is a prime example of the enmeshment between the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and [the] industry….The surprising news is that vaccines, the pharmaceutical product in question, have never been studied in a truly placebo controlled manner, in single, or multiple deliveries, and not for long-term outcomes, even in a general population.”

For example, in the US, all major health regulators including the CDC advise all pregnant women to get the flu vaccine to decrease risk of flu related complications. It is said to be safe in all trimesters, based on short term studies by various pharmaceutical companies.

The complications in question, however, are rarely severe enough to cause preterm labor and even death. Furthermore, the studies did not take into account healthy lifestyle and holistic modalities to strengthen immunity against the flu virus, commonly seen and used in out of hospital midwifery practices. The flu vaccine has been administered to millions of pregnant women in recent years, exposing millions of unborn fetuses.  


Dr. Kelly Brogan MD in her thought provoking scholarly analysis of the flu vaccine in pregnancy, calls into question the validity and flaws of these studies, and discusses risks families are not told about.

What is striking to me is that long term effects on the unborn babies have not been studied and are therefore unknown; fetal loss (miscarriage or stillbirth) have been excluded from the studies when a huge increase in fetal deaths after the flu vaccine have been reported; risks to the healthy mother have been downplayed; and the vaccine’s benefits have been falsely exaggerated.

This hits home as I had two moms in my practice who had healthy pregnancies, miscarry in the second trimester the day after they were given the flu vaccine by their primary physician. As is commonly the case, the flu vaccine was not reported as the causative factor.

After the second tragedy, I did some research. Not only did I hear similar incidences among my colleagues around the country, the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) found over a 4000-fold increase in fetal deaths after the flu vaccine in 2009 and 2010.

In an eye-opening blog article on her website, Dr. Aviva Romm, physician, herbalist, and midwife, speaks to the way the medical industry portrays our health as a whole.

“There is a lot of fear mongering in medicine. As a public, we have a skewed, media-driven, fear-based view of our health and of disease prevalence. And it is impossible to ignore the fact that there are massive profits to be made by the very limited number of pharmaceutical companies producing the influenza vaccine.”

Romm continues in this article, regarding the flu vaccine, to state that the very reasons why we are told to have the vaccine are actually not as severe as the media makes them out to be.

In fact, a mother with a Ph.D. in immunology even wrote to legislators with hopes to debunk some of the consequences the media forcefully and fearfully propagates. It is important to note here that she does not write to them in order to push her own right not to vaccinate her children but simply because she feared the discrimination against non-vaccinated children in school.

“In summary, a person who is not vaccinated with IPV, DTaP, HepB, and Hib vaccines due to reasons of conscience poses no extra danger to the public than a person who is. No discrimination is warranted.”

If you can take the time to read her letter, please do so. In it, she shows that the school environment is not affected any more or less by either a child who is vaccinated or not.

While an illness can lead to certain potentially serious complications in a pregnant mama and/or her baby, those complications are actually more exceptional and more uncommon than the pharmaceutical industry and modern medical authorities make them out to be. Although medical doctors take the Hippocratic Oath upon graduation from training, with the essential component included "First, Do No Harm," I am concerned the risks of each injection into a healthy baby are downplayed and may be doing more harm than realized.

Dr. Brogan does not mince words in her brave research based statements not only about "a known 4250% increase in fetal demise during the 2009/10 flu season, but also about evidence-based inefficacy and risks of the pertussis vaccine pushed on pregnant women, about Gardasil killing healthy girls across the globe, fear mongering about SIDS that is actually caused by a visit to the pediatriciancorruption of an infant’s birthday by the Hepatitis B vaccine"...and, "as parents around the world have known for 7 decades, and basic science has supported, vaccines do cause autism."

How Effective are Immunizations for Your Baby?

The Truth About Disease and Vaccines

While the intentions and the aim of the pharmaceutical industry can be seemingly profit driven, and concerns of the various infectious illnesses seem valid, this does not address the facts about the vaccines themselves.

Can vaccines truly help to prevent today’s diseases in our children? What are the facts about disease prevention and vaccines?

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no clear or direct answer. In tackling this issue of navigating immunizations for your baby, the only sure thing to do is to personally conduct your own research and to then come to your own conclusion. Each vaccine and the infectious illness it is directed against needs to be looked at individually.

Interview several pediatricians who share your philosophies and choose one you trust. There are pediatricians who do not accept a baby into their practice if parents do not follow the standard vaccination schedule. Fortunately, there are more and more holistic or integrative family and pediatric physicians out there who can teach you about disease prevention as a whole, address each vaccine separately, as well as appropriately plan a wide variety of alternative healing modalities. A wonderful example is pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song of Whole Family Wellness in CA, who believes "that the decision to get the flu vaccine for your child, just like any other vaccine, is YOUR CHOICE as a parent, and it’s a very personal choice with many factors that have to be weighed. This decision must be made on an individual basis, taking into account the unique healthcare needs and concerns of your child....There is NO right or wrong decision. By informing yourself, you are doing the best thing for your child and for your whole family. Trust your mama or your papa “gut”, and you will always do what is best for your child. Whatever you decide, using your natural medicines toolkit will get your whole family through the winter cold and flu season healthier and stronger." She empowers the families in her practice to " Treat Your Child’s Flu – Naturally!"  She, like other more progressive pediatricians, accommodates a variety of approaches - from administering all immunizations according to the CDC recommendations, to giving them one at a time over a period of time instead of giving several of them at once, to only giving those you decide upon, to not giving any at all; she integrates conventional and holistic pediatrics to help children thrive to their fullest potentials of wellness, prevention and healing from illness. For more information, check out her Thriving Child Summit free from 9/18 through 25/2017, where you will hear "a real-world conversation about vaccine safety with 2 board-certified pediatricians" as well as many other topics related to the foundations of a thriving healthy child.

Dr. Sears, famed American and midwifery-friendly pediatrician, wrote a book to solely address this convoluted subject, The Vaccine Book.

He created it in order to answer parents’ questions and address their deepest concerns about vaccinating a child. He tackles the pros and cons as well as information about the diseases themselves in an relatively unbiased fashion.

He adamantly suggests that you take the time to learn how the vaccine you’re considering is made and what ingredients are contained within it. If you decide to vaccinate, this will help you to get clear on which particular quality brands to ask for, in what order the vaccine should be taken in succession with others, etc.

Again, your own research and conscious-based decision are essential! 

The aim of Sears’ book is to give parents enough information and clarity so that they feel confident enough to make their own decision whether they decide to vaccinate their children or not. Despite his being pro-vaccine, he does not take a stance in this book and simply provides facts.

How Your Immune System Works

Research is increasingly showing that there may not be as a big of a disease threat as we’ve been taught to believe. Vaccines do not always work or confer long lasting immunity, as would be the case after creating your own antibodies from the actual infection. For example, chicken pox (varicella) is usually a harmless infectious illness in children, but results in life long immunity; the vaccine for it is now given to babies, but does not often produce immunity lasting into adulthood, when the illness is potentially more serious. The recent resurgence of adult pertussis (whooping cough) is largely occurring in vaccinated individuals whose immunity after the childhood vaccine waned, risking non-immune newborns who can get dangerously ill if exposed. German measles (rubella) is given to babies, but their immunity commonly does not last into adult childbearing years - risking serious complications for fetuses of non-immune pregnant women. People still get the flu after the flu vaccine.

In reference to the flu shot, Dr. Romm and Dr. Brogan share with us that in a Cochrane analysis of 50 studies, there was 2% incidence of presumed influenza in the unvaccinated population as opposed to a 1% incidence in the vaccinated" - a difference of 1%.

So, vaccination has no true effect on protecting me or my child from disease?

This is not entirely the case. What I’ve been discussing so far is that, simply put, the fear we’ve been taught to harbor isn’t actually necessary. There are risks to each vaccination injection given that need to be weighed against to risks of each infection. There is way more to the story than most parents are told, and it is not a topic to be taken lightly.

While it is not in our human control who gets sick, we can do what we can to prevent exposure to someone with a known infection; we can maintain good hand washing and hygiene habits, avoid sharing personal items, observe safe eating and traveling practices, as well as ways prevent illness unique to each infection. 

Something as simple as a regular practice of yoga and meditation - prenatal yoga in pregnancy - can help boost your own immune system which can be passed on to your baby against many types of infections. Yoga and simple meditation reduces incidence and severity of many of the modern world’s most recent and common ailments: infection, cancer, various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and allergies.


Eating healthfully has a huge impact on preventing illness as does reducing inner stress. Eating a wide variety of plant-based whole foods, and getting sufficient protein and healthy fat are major steps to sound health. You’d be surprised at how well your body can actually defend and heal itself against disease when given the proper nutrients and care.

In terms of nutrients, Dr. Sears has a concise and simple article on how our body’s immune system works.  If you understand how your body heals itself from within, you may be more clearly able to decide which vaccines are worth investing your time in.

In this article, Sears addresses the army that is your immune system and how it works to defend your body from sickness. He also shares why some more serious diseases can attack your body. What he does point out at the top of the article is something foundational to our and our children’s health and well-being: “Because of poor diets, many school children and adults have immune systems that don’t operate at peak efficiency. They get sick more often.” Breastfeeding without question, results in healthy immunity, and breastfed babies have significantly reduced rates and severity of infection as compared with formula fed babies. 

Something as simple as including probiotics and whole food supplements into your diet can boost your immune system and improve your overall health and well-being, and treating common infections naturally can be very effective. And these are nutrients that pass into the breastmilk you give to your baby, boosting baby's health and immunity.

My online dispensary is a convenient way for you to purchase my hand-picked, professional-grade, whole food supplements and other natural health products. Ordering is simple, and the products will be shipped directly to your home or work within a few days.

I have listed my recommended prenatal supplements in the PRENATAL SUPPLEMENTS section, and have a section for postpartum/breastfeeding supplements as well; but you can search their catalog for other supplements and natural remedies for common infections like cold and flu.

Click  here  to directly enter my dispensary at Fullscript.

Click here to directly enter my dispensary at Fullscript.

Trusting the Information on Immunization

I think what Drs. Brogan, Romm, Song and Sears have in common is their mission to provide facts to their readership, in order to IMPROVE health and well-being. They want to help them in making better decisions that empower and help them to grow healthfully and live to the fullest potential. As I’ve mentioned previously, Dr. Sears always refers back to how crucial it is that you learn about the product you’re using so that you can make a conscious decision.

Kelly Brogan, M.D. strongly advises that when doing research you take into account a few things:

Who funded the study?

Was a proper placebo used?

What did the results show?

I would also add:

How large was the study?

Were long term consequences properly researched, as well as the short term effects?

What were the study's limitations and biases?

Is there a meta-analysis of multiple large random, double blind, placebo control trials that provides compelling results or are there only a few small and limited studies on the subject?

Even the doctors conducting the study might have to use “strategic tactics to paper over the truth” as Brogan puts it in an article she wrote addressing the overlooking of certain medical data pertaining to premature babies.

Our tendency is to think that because we’re reading a clinical study, it must be accurate; because our doctor says so, it must be true. Making conclusions based on a meta-analysis of multiple properly conducted random control trials carries much more weight than one clinical study or the opinion of a health care provider or medical 'expert.'

In the same article I mentioned earlier of Dr. Romm’s, she finds that the data given to us on the prevalence of the flu as well as its severity among pregnant women is highly inflated. And, in doing her own research, she has found that the “CDC does not know exactly how many people die from seasonal flu each year.”

This is the same organization that was spreading fear-ridden media about how catastrophic the H1N1 disease was going to be. And, Romm is directly quoting from the CDC’s website.

On top of this, she has learned that they also state that, “about 90% of influenza-associated deaths occur among adults 65 years and older.”

Sometimes, inaccuracies are staring us right in the face. It’s worth taking the time to root them out.

While there is an extensive amount of information online and in libraries about the pros and cons of vaccinations - from isolated tragic cases to conflicting opinions to reputable research - that can be real daunting, I hope that this article can provide you with the first building blocks to guide your personal journey to decide what is best for you and your young ones.

To summarize the answer to the question, How do you navigate immunizations for you and your baby?: By taking the time to learn not only about immunization as they pertain to preventing infectious illnesses, but also to consider the short and long term risks of each vaccine, learn more about how the body can minimize common ailments, avoid sickness and even heal itself, and what you can do to aid the process.


Do your research and be mindful of the difference between fear-based news and actual facts. Consider all of the evidence and sound investigation, as well as your options and your own principals. Seek professional guidance from those you trust; but then trust your intuitive wisdom to make the decision that is right for you and your family.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. No matter what you decide, your choices need to be honored and respected. Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, once you act on your decision, know you made the best decision you and your family.  Blessings to you on your journey!

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Image by Megan Hancock Photography

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These two young mothers inspired by their passion and creativity to produce individualized elegant baby gift sets that are personally embroidered with the new baby’s name or initials and date of birth, delicately tied up with satin ribbons and beautifully wrapped in their luxury signature gift box, leaving a WOW impression on the lucky gifted young family, and a memorable souvenir.


Their website is filled with top quality, adorable and unique baby gift sets ideas that will excite and touch your loved ones' hearts. They have a wide selection of high quality soft and cozy 100% cotton products such as Blankets/Swaddles, Hooded Towels, Bodysuits, Bibs, Burb cloths, Baby Mitts and more; they also have a broad range of premium internationally recognized brand add-ons like California Baby’s Premium Naturally Based Skin Care Products for baby and mommy - which contain certified organic and sustainably grown vegan ingredients (made by an eco-friendly FDA registered and organic certified manufacturing facility) and luxurious L'Occitane, Sophie the Giraffe - made of natural rubber from the Hevea tree, Manhattan Toy - famous developmental toys, and lots more. Check them out for yourself!

Imagine the new mommy seeing her baby's name, sometimes in writing for the first time, on a beautiful collection of soft products that will not only be so practical for the baby's first months, but also will delight the new parents.

Buy Your Baby Gift Sets Today

I vote that sometimes you just need to spoil yourself and your new little one, or a new mommy and her newborn! MyBabyGift definitely goes all in for the luxury angle of baby gifting, so when you have the chance to celebrate new life, I recommend doing it with their high-end handcrafted gift sets and enjoy 10% OFF with the SWEETHOME coupon code I got for you.



Photo by Megan Hancock Photography

Photo by Megan Hancock Photography

Photo by Megan Hancock Photography

Photo by Megan Hancock Photography

Let Me Help You Create The Happiest Birth Experience Of Your Life...

Whether you're a first time or experienced momma,

Or a midwife, doula, or birth professional guiding mommas..

Regardless if you are planning a birth at home, a hospital, a birth center or need a cesarean section, or if you are taking another childbirth education class…

You Really Can Create The Delivery Of Your Dreams.

And have a blissful birth wherever you are.

More Precious Than A Wedding...A Birth Should Be A Celebration!

Let me show you how to…

  • Understand the sensations of your body and connect your intuition with how your body is communicating and leading you towards what to do during labor

  • Tap into your inner calm to deeply relax yourself,letting go of busy, stressful and fearful thoughts on demand for the health of baby

  • Speak your truth from your heart in a way that deepens your relationships, sets clear boundaries, and has people listen to you and support you before, during and after pregnancy

  • Trust yourself, connect with your body wisdom andcommunicate with baby in belly

  • Connect with natural time and sync your body and mind up with your unique biological clock for ease from pregnancy to postpartum

  • Reprogram negative patterns, stories, and beliefs that undermine your confidence, strength and self trust so you can rock your birth

Physicians and midwives around the world recommend my teachings to their pregnant clients and many Doulas across the country learn the secrets of blissful birthing from me to supplement their Doula Training & Certification process!

To learn more, visit:  LOVE YOUR BIRTH Online Childbirth Course!

It is based on my years of experience, as a midwife and yoga teacher, helping thousands of women tap into their calm and live and birth from a place of grounded relaxation and joy

Life Planning Methods for Parents of Children with Special Needs

April is around the corner, and it is autism awareness month. I bow to my dear sister, my inspiration, who does whatever it takes to be the best mother she can be to her son, my nephew, with autism, while balancing her own needs, the needs of her husband, the needs of her other daughter, my niece, and the rest of our family. My sister has risen to face her life with grace. She reads all the latest books, takes workshops, connects and networks with other families raising children with special needs or on the autistic spectrum, and is very active in her community and school district. She made sure my nephew had the best doctors, therapists and teachers as soon as he was diagnosed.  She does what she can to make sure her son feels safe, secure, accepted, and confident, as well as find and hone his unique gifts. 

If you have a child with special needs, check out this excellent article regarding life planning methods for parents of these children; it was graciously contributed by Jenny Wise, a homeschooling mom to four children including a seven-year-old on the autistic spectrum. I add some additional resources for parents of children with special needs. #SpecialNeedsParents #SpecialNeedsParenting #AutismParents #AutisticSpectrum #AutismAcceptance #AutismAwareness #AutismLife #AutismLove #AutismSpeaks #AutismSupport

Parents of children with special needs often begin worrying about long-term care from day one. Depending on the needs of your child, he or she may be able to attend college, build a family, or have a stable career. If, on the other hand, your child will need ongoing care for the rest of his or her life, there are other characteristics and hurdles to consider.

Believe it or not, your life planning strategy for your special needs child should begin right now. Waiting until your child becomes an adult is often setting yourself up for frustration and unnecessary stress. The sooner you begin thinking about the future of your child, the sooner you can start preparing for that future - and the better that future will be.

In this article, we’re going to share some useful planning methods that will help you get started.

1. Don’t Go It Alone

Whether your child is looking at lifetime care or a fairly typical future, you should never try to go through this process alone. Every special needs child requires unique attention and planning. The earlier you find a professional to help you juggle the load, the more comfortable you’ll be throughout the process. It will also make tackling financial and estate essentials far more manageable. You can read more about these essentials through Family Connect.

Image by    Bessi (Pixabay)

2. Think About Finances

 There are multiple ways to help your child financially as he or she ages. Important areas to consider include federal and state benefits (such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid), special needs trusts, and 529 ABLE accounts. These accounts are special savings accounts put together for individuals with special needs. The assets in the account will be allowed to accumulate (and be withdrawn for qualified expenses) tax-free. Read more about these financial options through Farmers Insurance.

3. Assume The Worst

The unfortunate truth is that, in many cases, parents do not live long enough to help their special needs child cope with the real world. There are additional issues to be considered - including a will and a letter of intent. This letter should describe how you wish to handle care for your child in your absence. It is your responsibility to put together life insurance resources and detailed information about the special needs of your child. You can learn more about the legality of life planning through Wrights Law.

4. Think Beyond Legality

While there are dozens of legal issues to consider when planning a future for a child with special needs, you also need to think beyond the legal requirements. What health care providers will your child use? What kind of therapy will be available? Who would you prefer to use as a caregiver? And think about special contingencies and money or instructions you’ll want to have in place should they be needed. For example, what if your child is physically injured in a car accident and needs special care in addition to the daily care you might already be planning for? Or what if your child develops a substance abuse problem or addiction? Who will be in charge of helping them get into treatment and how will the costs be covered? Write down a list of questions that have entered your mind about the future. Take as much time as possible to answer each one. This is how you cover your bases.

5. Stand Your Ground

There might be other individuals (some parents, some not) who will question your decision to start life planning as early as possible. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground. You are not thinking too hard or being unrealistic. You are being a concerned and responsible parent. Any professional involved in the process will affirm that statement. It’s never too early.

The bottom line is simple. The more you plan ahead, the better off your special needs child will be. If you start planning before your child is a teenager, you’ll have at least six years to make solid arrangements for his or her future - and that is parenting at its finest.


Guest Author

Jenny Wise is a homeschooling mom to four children including a seven-year-old on the autism spectrum. She created her website as a pure service forum for sharing her adventures, and chronicling her ups and downs in homeschooling her children - including her child with special needs, and connecting with other homeschooling and parents of special needs families. 

Below are some wonderful additional resources.

This is a must watch fact-based story of an autistic woman who became one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry, and a hero to autistic people everywhere.

Temple Grandin
Starring Claire Danes, Catherine O'Hara, Julia Ormond, David Strathairn

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Thumbs Up on the Sleepod

Baby's Place for Co-Sleeping, Tummy Time and Resting!

Midwives have access to lots of mamas and babies, so I was gifted with the Sleepod and asked for some feedback after use.  Its developers must know how I adore beautifully designed natural products made with care, and concern for the environment.  I am happy to report an enthusiastic, overwhelmingly positive experience by the eager participants. I give my heartfelt support to the wonderful eco-friendly small business who makes it - Askr and Embla - run by parents for parents interested in sustainable natural living. I am excited to partner with them to enable you to receive a 10% discount on your purchases. Check out their website - but remember to use the code SWEETHOME to get your discount.

What is a Sleepod?

It is a lovely, high quality, all natural, and functional in bed co-sleeper. It also has multiple uses for babies from newborn to 6-7 months old. It is very lightweight and doubles as a travel cot, to give babies an added sense of security when traveling outside the familiar environment of home, and it comes with a durable carrying bag. It can also be used for baby napping and lounging, as a comfy supervised tummy time spot, a perfect space for baby during mommy and me yoga, as well as a sitting aid and backrest for baby feedings. It was developed together with midwives and doulas to mimic the calming atmosphere of the womb, to ease the transition from birth to earth side, for both mom and baby. The design is inspired by the sleep nests used in neonatal wards as a less invasive, more natural, cozy and soothing option to incubators. The edges work to offer a snug womblike environment with the added benefit of reducing the startle reflex without restraining baby's movement. The edges can also support mom's body during side lying nursing in bed. The bottom edge can be easily tied to form an oval like haven for baby, and adjusted to accommodate baby's size. Its colors are soft soothing earth and pastel tones. 

There are as many good reasons to co- sleep as there are babies, but even if you were to decide that co-sleeping isn’t right for your family, the Sleepod still offers great benefits.

But, why co-sleep?

Babies thrive on closeness and skin to skin contact - which is known not only to have a soothing effect on them, but also helps with bonding, eases breastfeeding, promotes healthy brain development and emotional well-being - in the short and long term. Emotional well being for the baby translates into earlier independence, increased self esteem, better social skills, improved behavior outcomes and less psychological disorders which can extend well into childhood. 

The medical research is documenting what cultures around the world have known throughout history - safe co-sleeping is actually easier, more cost effective, more protective and healthier for baby than leaving baby to sleep in a separate room alone.

Babies and mothers that co-sleep both experience better sleep. Babies who sleep near their parents have less internal stress and night time/sleep anxiety, and less crying episodes during the night. Their temperature, heart beat and breathing patterns are more stable, with a four to five fold decrease in the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Countries with the lowest rates of SIDS are those where co-sleeping is the norm (especially when mom does not smoke, have problems with drug/alcohol abuse or take medication that induces deep sleep). It is a practice that is encouraged worldwide, and even endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Babies usually get up in the middle of the night to breastfeed. When baby is nearby, mom tends to respond to and feed baby from early signals, before baby more fully wakes up and cries, which makes breastfeeding and falling back to sleep after feeding easier.  It enables mom to feed baby without having to get up out of bed. Night time feeding maintains milk supply and helps prevent return to ovulation, fertility and menstrual cycles. Better sleep for mom and baby, means a better rest for them both, and quicker physical and emotional recovery postpartum. 

A huge advantage of the Sleepod, is the wonderful combination of materials used to make it. It is hypoallergenic and completely free of harmful toxins and flame retardants. The washable covers in contact with baby's skin are made from organic cotton and hemp, and the mattress is made of organic 100% wool. We know harsh chemicals are damaging to our health and our environment. Infants sleeps for up to 18 hours a day during the first few months of life so you want to make sure to keep their sleeping place free from all harmful toxins and synthetic off gases. Organic materials and wool in particular  - unlike synthetics - are completely free from chemical residue, will not produce off gases like poly-foams do, and have never been in touch with formaldehyde or other chemical compounds that are frequently used in fabric dye. 

Wool has been used for infant bedding during centuries and is still the best available material by far. It has high air flow which creates a perfect micro climate for sleep. Wool lanolin (the natural wool fat on fiber) helps to regulate body temperature, preventing the bedding (and baby) from getting too hot or too cold. The lanolin also works to draw away moisture, keeping the bed dry and clean.



Co-sleeping is the natural way for mammals (including humans) to nurture their young. Co-sleeping with a healthy full term baby is considered very safe but it is always good to practice common sense. Make sure to keep baby's sleeping area free from pillows, heavy blankets and stuffed animals. You should NEVER co-sleep with infant if you smoke, have consumed alcohol, drugs or in consume medications that can deepen sleep, alter consciousness and impair your ability to react. It is also not recommended to co-sleep together with older kids and or pets in the same bed as an infant. 

It is always good to consult your birthing professional and or pediatrician to discuss whether co-sleeping is a good option for your family. 

Don't forget - to receive a 10% discount on your purchases, go to their website and use the code SWEETHOME prior to check out.

Sources on co-sleeping:

Check out my favorite baby books.

Don't forget - to receive a 10% discount on your purchases, go to their website and use the code SWEETHOME prior to check out.